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Adult Swim, Connor Ullmann
Feb 27, 2015 - PC

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Oblitus Official Trailer from Adult Swim Games | Adult Swim

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Critic Reviews for Oblitus

Death is never in vain in the beautiful world of Oblitus, even if it's occasionally cheap and unavoidable.

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Oblitus is a entertaining and challenging 2D roguelike inspired by Dark Souls, with only a few issues marring its success.

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If you don't mind the Sisyphean struggle, Oblitus is definitely a game worth checking out.

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Every time I just started to enjoy some aspects, others smacked me back down. I can see players being pulled in by its mysterious charm, but unless you're a glutton for punishment with little inspiration to move forward or rewards, I don't see folks getting much enjoyment out of this. It downright feels unfinished at times.

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Oblitus puts a whole lot of content into a small, tightly-made package. The overall aesthetic and backing music are great, and the constant threat of death taking all of your accomplishments away drives play very well.

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Oblitus has all the right elements of something special, and although some aspects of it fall a little flat in execution, it still doesn't change that Oblitus is an unique and fine looking 2D action platformer that has all the right qualities in its gameplay and design. All the while sporting a haunting and unworldly ambiance that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

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It's an old trick: as players, we grow experienced enough to master a toy to completion; this is the basis for videogames, and the basis for the nostalgia of early-era Nintendo. Incremental successes build slowly into one ultimate success. But Oblitus' ultimate success isn't the culmination of one playthrough; it's the culmination of several. Rarely does a game acknowledge the cycle of play, die, repeat, and finally, succeed. Oblitus instead not only acknowledges it but embraces it; draws a parallel between its protagonist and its player, their movements synchronized, following the same unknown task. Unearth the task; finish it. Parvus is set free. So is the player.

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Oblitus could have been a great game, but unfortunately it's not. It's hard to get into, what with the lack of story and context for your actions and the fact that you have to start all over when you die.

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