Super Galaxy Squadron

New Blood Interactive, Psyche Studios
Jan 23, 2015 - PC

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Super Galaxy Squadron - Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Super Galaxy Squadron

'Super Galaxy Squadron' doesn't reinvent the traditional shoot 'em up, but accessible, arcade-style combat provides a fun diversion for gamers of all levels.

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For low price and they fact all proceeds go to children's charity, you're getting one hell of a deal and supporting a great cause.

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Despite presenting chaotic shmup battles and a variety of interesting ships to wage war with, Super Galaxy Squadron suffers from a dearth of content, failing to bring anything new to the genre or keep players coming back for repeat plays.

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Super Galaxy Squadron feels comfortingly like an arcade cabinet I might have once slipped a quarter into at the Pizza Hut down the road.

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As someone who's proud to have played most of the world's (in)famous shmups, I have to say that Super Galaxy Squadron EX fails just as often it succeeds. Its seemingly inconsistent hitbox detection, sloppy bullet patterns and random spikes in difficulty tempers the awesome aesthetics, massive choice of ships, and incredibly fantastic soundtrack. It's not the worst shmup I've ever played, by far. However, it all but namedrops its influences, then does a poor job at emulating what made them so much fun. I would only recommend this for people who can't get enough of the genre.

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Super Galaxy Squadron is a solid shoot'em up/bullet hell hybrid that manages to feel welcoming to newcomers but also challenging to veterans. The variety of ships, the great endless mode, and the interesting story campaign make its downsides fade away. What's more, all the proceeds go to the Child's Play charity, so you'll also do a good deed by buying it.

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Visually spectacular and mechanically solid from moment to moment, but fundamentally flawed.

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Those looking for an homage to the arcade vertical shoot-em-ups of the 80s and 90s will find a lot to like in Super Galaxy Squadron. It might not reach the lofty heights of its inspiration, but it is still a solid title for those looking to flex their itchy trigger fingers.

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