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Dec 8, 2014 - PC

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Dokuro Media

Critic Reviews for Dokuro

While I love this game's unusual art style and I enjoy the story premise, playing Dokuro is more frustrating than fun.

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7 / 10.0

I just wish that it could have been on the definitive version of the game.

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Dokuro is a wonderful puzzle game but I can only recommend you to play it on a platform that can make use of a touch screen like the PS Vita or a tablet/phone. PC is not the platform for it

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There's a decent game buried somewhere underneath the muck, but the laziness of the port makes Dokuro on PC a game best avoided. If you really want to play it, the PS Vita and mobile versions are cheaper, and far superior.

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Dokuro features some crafty and creative puzzle designs to stump your brain and a dark presentation that is different, making it stand out in a packed fill genre, and is a fun game to spend time with, but it might be better to play the Vita version instead of this barebones PC edition.

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Dokuro makes its unorthodox presence known on PC and while more responsibility could have been taken in porting, it's a fun, cutesy romp with an ample amount of challenge.

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[I]t is a very clever little puzzle game that tries to add something through commentary that lifts it well beyond standard puzzle platformer fare. If PC is the only way you have to play Dokuro, then it's worth a go anyway.

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The beautiful gothic fairytale Dokuro is a great looking game with some creative mechanics. However, its gimmick and source of its creativity is simply not as good on PC as it is on a device with a touch screen. This can be forgiven due to the beautifully dark journey players are taken on in the quest to save princess Dokuro from the Dark Lord. If looking for a escort puzzle-platformer, Dokuro is one of the top contenders in this category, but it is recommended getting it for the PS Vita instead, unless owning a touch screen PC, since drawing is one of the biggest…draws.

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