Thunder Paw

SergioPoverony, Ratalaika Games

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Thunder Paw

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMar 20, 2020
PlayStation VitaMar 17, 2020
PlayStation 4Mar 17, 2020
PCMay 7, 2019
Xbox OneMar 18, 2020
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: SergioPoverony

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Genres: Action, Platformer, Arcade

Thunder was out playing with his ball in the fields, when he suddenly heard a loud explosion near his house! He rushed home, worried about his parents, only to find no one was there. Just a single letter that said his parents had been kidnapped! It’s up to Thunder to rescue his parents! Dominate your enemies with a trusty weapon by your side! Each defeated enemy will drop special gems that make your gun even more powerful! FEATURES: - 20 different levels and 5 different biomes to explore! - Beautiful pixel art graphics! - Upgrade your gun by collecting gems from enemies! - Take on 5 dynamic bosses that each offer a unique challenge!

Thunder Paw Critic Reviews

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Thunder Paw is a charming platformer that's short but not so sweet. The gameplay doesn't hold up compared to the cute pixel art and fun music.

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The saving grace for Thunder Paw is that generally sprites are cute, and music hits the mark for driving progress forward without being too repetitive. Whether or not that's enough to entice is up to the individual to decide. There's conceivably a compulsion to play on and best the unfair challenge, particularly with an early monkey boss level, which required keeping up with an increasing pattern speed in spite of a gimped weapon range. One hopes it might be a worthy first attempt, and it is if that's the case, but otherwise it is just a bit "rough." An oddity indeed.

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Thunder Paw is an extremely brief, yet charming title. However, it suffers from boring level design and no replay value.

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Overall, Thunder Paw is a safe coffee game. It just doesn’t really take any particular risks to make it stand out. Suitable for a quick gaming session and priced accordingly. Everything Thunder Paw does is just fine. The developers have a great art style, soundtrack and general idea here. But it just needs something extra to make it stand out from the enormous crowd.

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