Hell Let Loose

Black Matter Pty, Team17 Digital

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Hell Let Loose

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 6, 2019

Developer: Black Matter Pty

Publisher: Team17 Digital

Genres: First-Person Shooter, Action, Simulation, Strategy

Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.

Hell Let Loose Reviews

The Partisan Spy

3 Step Game Review
The Partisan Spy

ADD another playing condition for this game: COMMUNICATION. It's not essential to win (like most PVP games), but it makes the game 10 times more fun. HELL LET LOOSE puts you in the middle of WW2, headphone & mic make this experience even more immersive. It's not a 5v5 where a higher skilled player can carry the entire team, Rambo in this game will die. To live and win this 50v50 battle, follow orders and respect the line.

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