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Indoor Astronaut, Daedalic Entertainment
Sep 9, 2019 - Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Unrailed!

Unrailed is simple, charming, and absorbing. The gameplay is addicting, and it is exponentially more fun as you add friends to your game. It's the best party game since, or possibly surpassing, Overcooked. A true hidden gem.

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Unrailed! is essential to absolutely anyone who loves arcade couch co-op games, and I will undoubtedly be playing this for years to come. All that’s left now is for you to grab a friend and go. How long can you hang on?

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If there was a little more to it, it'd be easier to recommend, but it's certainly worth a quick trip.

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Despite a well-executed premise and pleasing blocky visual aesthetic, Unrailed is ultimately a short-lived game. It tries to promote replayability with an inbuilt achievement system, leaderboards and different modes, but this doesn’t disguise a lack of depth to the core gameplay. It’s still an enjoyable experience though and whilst solo play won’t hold you for too long, if you can gather a group of friends to join, this is one co-op game worth looking into.

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Unrailed! has the personality of games like Minecraft and Terraria, but it provides its own unique experience. Try out a quick gaming session with some friends, and you're likely to end up working on the railroad all the livelong day.

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Thinking about the scope of production and the result presented, Unrailed! is a good recommendation for anyone looking for something light and without that mandatory constant engagement and it works even more playing with the crowd. In the total absence of any narrative line and with a very characteristic look, it is in the simplicity of the mechanics where the game finds its greatest assets.

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While it is rather simple overall, I think fans of cooperative experiences will want to give Unrailed! a shot. The concept is a lot of fun and it will take some good communication between you and the other players to get your train as far as it can go. With options for both local and online multiplayer there is no reason for you and some friends not to hop on this train.

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NWR Staff
6.5 / 10.0

While its graphical design is cute, the camera view loses a lot of this design quality leaving the players to squint to see any kind of detail. It brings the party atmosphere with an innovative idea but by simplifying the activities lowers the excitement potential. There's fun to be had here but mostly as a warm up.

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