Old Gods Rising

Bad Blood Studios
May 20, 2020 - PC
5 / 10
35 / 100
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Old Gods Rising - Trailer 1

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Critic Reviews for Old Gods Rising

Old Gods Rising takes a great premise, but unfortunately does very little with it. The barren, but confusing campus leads to pointless wandering that does little to reward exploration and the narrative is delivered through generic exposition. The one successful aspect is the sense of uncertainty and unease that permeates the experience, yet this isn't enough to maintain interest. The Old Gods may have been better off staying put.

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Old Gods Rising is an unfortunate mess. While it has a story that immediately hooks the player, a world that's begging to be explored and understood, and boasts fantastic environmental sound design, the current state of the game is unplayable. The numerous bugs and glitches restrict this game from being a great title. Until those bugs are patched out, you're better off spending your money elsewhere.

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It’s only a couple of hours long, but Old Gods Rising stewed me in my own juices so thoroughly that I woke up, confused, at about 2am, looked at my aforementioned boyfriend as he slept, and thought “he was definitely in on it with Maz… he looks too smug”. That’s got to be a well crafted story, hasn’t it? As long as you don’t mind not having all the answers at the end.

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For those okay with being given very little to actually do, apart from one actual puzzle and a few token situations, and just being relegated to soaking up the atmosphere, this game will deliver a good time, even if it is only for a few hours.

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