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Quest Hunter

2 Zombie Games
Mar 8, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
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3 / 5
No Recommendation
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Critic Reviews for Quest Hunter

Quest Hunter is one of those games that you'll wind down with after a long day as you chip away at its many side-quests and dungeons.

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One of the biggest features of Quest Hunter which deserves a lot of praise is that you can play online and cross-platform with PC, Xbox, and Switch players. This is a huge deal and definitely under-praised. For this review my wife was able to play on the Switch in handheld mode while my friend from America and myself were playing on PC. We were able to set up a private game with a password, save, and enjoy the game together. Not only was it simple to set up but the game ran well across all systems. I loved searching for treasures and then stopping now and then to do a little dance with the various in-game emotes. This game will easily hold a special memory for me because of these small quirky moments. Quest Hunter is a fun little dungeon crawler. I enjoyed it alone, but playing with friends across other platforms really brought this game to life. Hunting for treasure with friends never felt so good. Now where did I leave my shovel?

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No Recommendation / Blank

Grab your shovel and get ready to dig. No, not until you hit bedrock, until you have the materials for quest completion.

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