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Sean Young, SmashGames
Aug 4, 2020 - PC

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Littlewood v1.0 Launch Trailer

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Littlewood Gameplay Trailer v0.9

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Critic Reviews for Littlewood

At heart it's a checklist of chores. But it's such a wonderfully warm, endlessly charming checklist of chores that when they're all done, I'm not going to want to leave.

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Even though Littlewood is a peaceful town building and farming sim that doesn't offer anything new in the genre, it thrives in the soothing, meditative loop of its routines--from harvesting fruits to mining precious stones from ores. There are plenty to busy yourself with, but there's also plenty of time to get to them at your own pace. This means that Littlewood is mostly devoid of the pressures to optimise the grind--an issue that usually plagues other farm sims like Stardew Valley. It's, in short, a charming little distraction from the stresses of our real world.

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For people who loved the collect-craft-combat loop of Fantasy Life, this game might scratch that same itch, and it'll certainly take up a fair few hours – even if the "combat" part is missing. Littlewood is an incredibly impressive game for a solo developer, and though none of its ideas go particularly deep, it more than makes up for it in breadth. Fans of the life sim genre should definitely seek this one out.

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Littlewood is so gosh darn cozy. From the charming characters to the low-stakes RPG fun, there's plenty to love in this interesting entry in the farm-sim genre. It may be the only game of its kind that is truly "pick up and play." Or, like me, you can sink in plenty of hours and get lost in all that cuteness.

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Littlewood might just be the perfect casual game, blending farming RPGs, roguelites, and city builders into one neat package.

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The nefarious Dark Wizard is defeated, the day is saved, and you, the legendary Hero of Solemn, wake up the next day. Now what? Well, how about rebuilding a world ravaged by your ancient foe, one house at a time?

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As day turns to night and summer speeds on, it’s obvious that this painless play style is entirely necessary. There are rarely enough hours in the days and the day/night cycle will rarely give gamers enough time to do much more than dash in and get a little of what they need, so frugal use of your time is utterly vital. Still, whether you’re ready to build the busiest town imaginable, officially become the cutest small hamlet in history or a famous fishing maestro you can. Littlewood is a picturesque escape into a magical world that doesn’t expect anything more than your own enjoyment. If you’re sick of the pressures of daily life, then quit being a hero and take some time in Littlewood, available on the Nintendo eShop now.

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Littlewood is charming and bright, and wears its “indie spirit” on its sleeve. The developer has created something highly playable that also acts as a lovely homage to the Harvest Moon tradition. By all accounts, Littlewood has been a commercial success, too, on its prior release on PC. That success is deservedly so, but hopefully the developer can invest some of that into some refinements for whatever their next project is, but there’s more ambition in Littlewood than the scope of the budget allowed.

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