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Favorite Games:
  • Fable: The Lost Chapters
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Tales of Vesperia

24 games reviewed
70.4 average score
75 median score
50.0% of games recommended

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Lover of RPGs and all things Zelda, Dragon Age, Pokémon, or Tales related. Can usually be found either struggling/failing to get 100% completions, or praying for a Jak 4.
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4 / 5.0 - Tales of Arise
Sep 8, 2021

All in all, this feels like a safe yet enjoyable follow-up to Berseria. Longtime fans will be satisfied with this entry after the five-year wait since the last mainline game even though Tales of Arise doesn’t feel like it strays too far away from the standard series formula.

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Jul 26, 2021

Longtime fans of The World Ends With You may not have an issue with this slow gameplay loop because of all the great callbacks to the first game, but it does end up feeling like the game could’ve been a shorter, more enjoyable package if some of the days didn’t feel so padded.

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4 / 5.0 - Mini Motorways
Jul 19, 2021

Mini Motorways is a short game, for sure, but it’s one of those games that you can get lost in for a little while as you rack your brain trying to figure out how to make all the traffic on-screen run smoothly as possible. Never in my life have I found joy in the thought of planning out roadways, but these mini-cities do bring a smile to my face.

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4 / 5.0 - Scarlet Nexus
Jun 23, 2021

The combat is no doubt the star of the show, though. Even when it becomes hard to take the narrative seriously at times, those sweet, sweet combat mechanics will overshadow the issues to pull you right back in, no matter which platoon you choose to roll with.

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Little effort was put into modernizing Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and somehow, that's still more than enough.

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Sep 11, 2020

The best parts of Amalur are still intact, but with the caveats of the visual bugs, outdated look, and endless sprinting, you’ll need to keep those rose-colored glasses on for the entire playthrough.

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Jul 31, 2020

Fairy Tail is an occasionally charming game for fans at best, and an incredibly repetitive RPG at worst.

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Jun 29, 2020

The Last of Us 2 is an emotional rollercoaster that doesn't always hit the mark with what it tries to pull off. It does, however, provide enough amazing highs to outweigh its unfortunate lows.

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No matter how you felt about the first game, The Division 2 is likely to please players on all sides of the conversation. Ubisoft has taken criticisms to heart, and made changes that capitalize on the series' potential in ways the first game never did.

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Feb 26, 2019

Jump Force somehow only achieves mediocrity at best despite the star power found on its roster and the potential that comes with that cast. The characters are indeed faithfully recreated, stylish abilities and all, but nothing feels seamless.

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