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Mini Motorways

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Jul 20, 2021 - PC

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Mini Motorways Trailer - Out NOW on Apple Arcade & Steam!

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Mini Motorways Steam Release Date Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Mini Motorways

The Apple Arcade classic comes to PC and is as glorious as ever.

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Though it lacks content and features, Mini Motorways has consumed much of my gaming time since I downloaded it more than a week ago. The simple gameplay, clean interface, and satisfying difficulty ramp led me to say, “Just one more run,” several times a session before ultimately calling it quits. Mini Metro hooked me when it first came to iOS years ago and has remained one of my favorite games to enjoy in short bursts, and I’m glad to add Mini Motorways to that same gaming rotation.

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Good puzzle games make you see the pathways in your mind before they show up in the game. Mini Motorways does this, and does it well. At its heart, Mini Motorways is about failure. Or your attempt to push failure back as long as possible, just like my parents' marriage. Eventually your city will collapse under its own pressure. But if you need a half hour to kill Mini Motorways is a great choice.

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Despite its rather brief runtime, Mini Motorways shows what made the game so successful on mobile platforms. Featuring a gameplay loop that's hard to resist, the only thing holding it back is a lack of true variety. Luckily, when the gratification loop is this intoxicating and the price is so minimal, the limited replay value can be easily forgiven.

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Mini Motorways is a short game, for sure, but it’s one of those games that you can get lost in for a little while as you rack your brain trying to figure out how to make all the traffic on-screen run smoothly as possible. Never in my life have I found joy in the thought of planning out roadways, but these mini-cities do bring a smile to my face.

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Mini Motorways is an enjoyable and often beautiful puzzler, but the lack of long term replayability makes it harder to recommend over its already excellent predecessor.

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There's no shortage of simulation titles on the market, but Mini Motorways truly shines in both visual aesthetics and skill ramp. But does this mobile port succeed in the move to PC, or is this a wrong turn that took the entire thing off course?

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Experimentation with how best to use each element is fun and satisfying when something clicks. And when it doesn't, you simply pick that piece back up and try something else. It has been quite a while since a puzzle game so immediately conveyed its appeal to me and while there are certainly some small things I'd improve, it won't stop me from continuing to play this for a very long time.

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