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A games writer with over eight years experience of scribing for a variety of different outlets, I've attempted to channel my passion of videogames through my writing. I'm a big fan of movies, anime and games that aren't called Overlord: Fellowship of Evil or Afro Samurai 2.
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9 / 10.0 - Wreckfest
May 9, 2021

Wreckfest on PlayStation 5 is arguably the best way to play one of the most enjoyable racers of the previous console generation. A delirious mix of arcade racing and smashmouth vehicular carnage, Wreckfest's gorgeous next-generation facelift is enough to ensure that Bugbear's ramshackle racer stands shoulder to shoulder with the best racing games on PlayStation 5.

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Absolutely stuffed to the hilt with twee, waifu JRPG goodness, the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy DX Pack represents a heady offering that will keep the uninitiated busy for well over a hundred hours and change. For everyone else however that has already plumbed the depths of the three games in this pack, this trio of bundled charming adventures will have little to offer, even in light of the additional DLC included with each game.

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Apr 25, 2021

No less janky or unambitious than its 2019 incarnation, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced offers up a mildly polished up experience that is augmented by some initially promising, but ultimately disappointing DLC. That said, for those that passed over the PS4 version of the game, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced nonetheless offers up a compelling slice of well-executed looter shooter goodness that fans of the motion picture saga will find enjoyable and fulfilling in equal measure.

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Apr 7, 2021

There are so many aspects of its design in which Disco Elysium stands unmatched. Boasting unparalleled player agency, the sort of writing that makes me deeply jealous and a cast of characters that are resolutely unforgettable, Disco Elysium is easily one of the most intelligent and fascinating RPGs ever made. However, in its current form, the presence of game breaking bugs that prevent you from finishing missions, levels a near fatal blow at Disco Elysium that not even its towering brilliance is sufficient to overcome. I'm sure there's a timeline where all the bugs have been fixed and I'm playing Disco Elysium for the first time, awarding it the 10/10 score it deserves. Right now, this isn't that timeline.

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Mar 30, 2021

A simple platformer bolstered by a beautifully delicate meditation on family, love, remembrance and loss told through the prism of young girl, Lost Words: Beyond The Page might not have much to offer the genre at large, but it resolutely crafts an experience that lingers long after the stylish credits have completed their inexorable ascent.

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Mar 25, 2021

Placing a level of sheen on an already stellar effort, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 on PlayStation 5 is arguably the definitive version of the best two skater titles ever released. If you've somehow resisted buying this twin pack thus far, resist no longer. This is as essential as it gets.

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Mar 24, 2021

Though Marvels Avengers makes a superhero-sized splash on PlayStation 5, this is still at its core the same game we had back in September 2020. That said, the improved visuals and passage of time both mean that Marvel's Avengers on PS5 is essentially now the definitive version of the game, boasting much more responsive gameplay and a wealth of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Though no amount of extra pixels or DualSense features can transform the game, the fact that Marvel's Avengers is actually enjoying a fairly steady stream of worthwhile content should be reassuring to those who have been sat on the fence for the superpowered caper. In short, if you've been sitting Marvel's Avengers out, now is the time to jump in.

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8 / 10.0 - Neoverse
Mar 18, 2021

An impressive card battler with depth for days and an eye-opening visual presentation. What Neoverse might lack in terms of a story or truly innovative mechanic it more than makes up for with customisation, longevity and a much welcome intention to engage with newcomers, rather than just the usual card battling savants.

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Monster Energy Supercross 4 on PS5 is pretty much everything you think it is for better or worse. Though Milestone's practiced hand at crafting reliably enjoyable design frameworks and handling models from previous games make it to Sony's latest console intact, there's simply not enough done on the feature set and visual presentation side of things to make Monster Energy Supercross 4 feel like a true leap forward from its last-gen predecessors. Nonetheless, though longtime fans of the series will surely lap this up, newcomers should expect to be freshly punished by the game's unforgiving, though ultimately satisfying handling system.

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Mar 4, 2021

Representing the definitive version of Mortal Shell that should provide a compelling offering for newcomers and veterans alike, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is a highly polished Soulslike. Though not up to the standard of its classic inspirations, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition nonetheless stands ably on its own merit thanks to some great combat and a series of under the hood innovations that the genre at large might consider adopting.

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