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Bilkins' Folly

Webbysoft, Armor Game Studios
Oct 2, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Bilkins' Folly

While the relatively laid-back and plodding pace likely won't be for everybody, it's fair to say that Bilkins' Folly represents an almost perfect storm of engaging characters, gorgeously framed visuals and refreshingly non-combat focused adventuring that gamers of any age can fully enjoy.

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Ultimately, Bilkins' Folly is a game you should definitely pick up if you are an adventure game fan or want to dip your toes into that genre. This is a fun puzzle game with charming writing and great mechanics that feel very satisfying when you figure out. Some solutions may be difficult, so if you don't want to feel frustration you might want to sit this one out. However, if you enjoy puzzle games and are looking for a charming adventure game, I'd recommend Bilkins' Folly.

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For fans of puzzles and point and click adventures, there’s so much to love in Bilkins’ Folly. Sure, it may leave you stumped from time to time, but its charming pixel art and lovable characters are enough to keep you invested. With a solid sense of progression, plenty of islands to explore and so much content to sink your teeth into, it’s a must-play for any wannabe treasure hunter.

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Bilikin's Folly is a jolly adventure across the seas that makes treasure hunting fun, full of tricky puzzles and great characters, and the only time you'll get frustrated is from your own folly.

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Bilkins' Folly is a lovely game with loads of rewarding puzzles to figure out but being able to progress is often an overly taxing affair.

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Bilkin’s Folly is a game that I could recommend to almost anyone in the mood for a treasure-hunting adventure. Its tone and characters highlight the experience and make the longer-than-expected time sail by, whilst its puzzling is largely engaging if drawn back by more obtusely difficult puzzles and some technical hiccups that will surely be fixed in short order.

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Ultimately, Bilkins’ Folly might be the game for you if you’re into adventure with puzzles, pirates, and dogs. There is certainly plenty of buried treasure to be found and dug up in Bilkins’ Folly. After all, it is the main puzzle mechanic for the entire game. However, for me, Drayton is Bilkins’ Folly furry star, and yes, you can pet him as many times as you want.

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A pixel art treasure-hunting adventure title with a pirate theme and boatload of charm, Bilkins' Folly gets lost and digs holes in the wrong spots, but ultimately finds the booty.

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