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Firewall Ultra

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Aug 24, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR

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Critic Reviews for Firewall Ultra

A competent sequel to the multiplayer VR shooter original in most ways, Firewall Ultra's awkward use of eye tracking and lack of content are a shot in the foot rather than the arm.

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Firewall Ultra has a ton of potential. Its solid shooting, diverse maps and addictive gameplay make each match a thrill. While First Contact Entertainment nails these aspects, there are several issues that make this fall short of a complete experience. With the lack of in-game interactivity, inactive objectives and only a couple of modes, Firewall Ultra needs time to be the shooter we were hoping for.

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Is it the system-seller that PS VR2 fans were hoping for? Not exactly, but there is plenty to like about Firewall Ultra. It's an extremely comfortable VR shooter with fun tactical gameplay that uses the headset's features in an interesting way, though it does take some getting used to. Sluggish progression and minor bugs need to be addressed, but First Contact Entertainment has been updating the game rapidly since launch.

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As arguably the biggest, full-fat PSVR 2 first-party release since Horizon: Call of the Mountain, it's clear that Firewall Ultra doesn't quite match the deservedly lofty expectations that have been set for it. This is thanks in no small part to a modest amount of content and a progression system that is currently grind-heavy to say the least. However, it's also clear that this is a gorgeously realised tactical shooter that approaches excellence when everything falls into place with your fellow human players - it's just that, as of right now, such occasions are more fleeting than I would like thanks to so much for Firewall Ultra's promise being locked behind promised future updates that have yet to arrive.

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Ultimately, we think our impressions of Firewall Ultra boil down to just one question: will we be back for more? At this point in time, it seems unlikely. There are certainly the bones of a good game in here, but with the streamlined gameplay experience and limited content roster, frankly we just kept thinking about the better VR games we could be playing. We'll certainly be keen to dip in once new content arrives, but it's especially disheartening when we've been waiting for a big VR shooter like this on the PSVR2 for quite some time. Firewall Ultra then is an infrequently fun yet persistently disappointing first-party title that really forgets what makes VR so special in the first place.

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It was reasonable to expect more from Firewall Ultra. The legacy of Zero Hour is only partially taken up, as the production alternates between steps forward and inexplicable steps backwards in terms of interactivity.

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Could be one of PSVR2s best shooters, but is held back by some baffling design decisions.

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Despite the lack of content at launch and the long waits to join matches, I still can't seem to put Firewall Ultra down.

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