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Forgive Me Father

Byte Barrel, 1C Entertainment
Apr 7, 2022 - PC

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IGN Italy
8.3 / 10
God is a Geek
7 / 10
Game Rant
4 / 5
PlayStation Universe
8 / 10
The Games Machine
7.5 / 10
6 / 10
Screen Rant
4 / 5
6 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Forgive Me Father

Forgive me Father has confirmed alla the good things seen in the Early Access version and is a candidate to become one of the best old-fashioned FPS of the year.

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Forgive Me Father is certainly atmospheric and a lot of fun, although fans of retro boomer shooters will find much more to like than those who prefer a more modern approach.

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Overall, however, this is a one-of-a-kind horror FPS delight. All the game’s nuances and features come together to craft an ode to H.P. Lovecraft that the author himself would be proud of. With incredible gunplay, myriad secrets to uncover, a gorgeous aesthetic, and memorable boss encounters, its technical issues don’t quite stop Forgive Me Father from being something a die-hard FPS fanatic looking for a fresh, new experience should miss out on.

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Much like the Eldritch horrors that are chronicled in the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Forgive Me Father has seemingly manifested from nowhere. An inventive and hyper violent shooter laced with survival horror and ARPG style progression elements, Forgive Me Father might be less refined than I would like, but all the same I cannot deny just how well the central concept of blowing Lovecraftian horrors apart has been wrought here.

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A peculiar FPS that will appeal to those who love H.P. Lovecraft, to those who miss the legendary DOOM of the past and to those who are ready to ignore some flaws in the name of old-fashioned fun.

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Forgive Me Father is a Doom-clone as many are seeing in the last period. A concentration of extreme splatter, comic graphics, Lovecraftian suggestions and some small RPG ambitions that however ends up collapsing under the weight of some anachronistic and superficial game and level design choices.

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Forgive Me Father's single-player campaign lasts around eight hours and there's never a dull moment to be had. The game is challenging and the player will need to use every resource at their disposal to survive each stage, but it offers that Soulslike feeling of satisfaction when overcoming overwhelming odds. There has been a revival for retro shooters on modern platforms in recent years, with games like Doom 64 and Quake coming to modern platforms, and Forgive Me Father proves that there's room for new games in the genre that retain everything that makes them fun while adding some new elements to spice things up.

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In the end it’s hard to look at this as anything but a missed opportunity, where the mix of old and new doesn’t quite come together. The horror aspirations amount to little more than set dressing. Fast-paced shooting is where Forgive Me Father settles, a place where enemies move in predefined patterns and strafing is just about all you need to do to survive. As fun as that can be in doses, there’s little incentive to keep going once you realise that’s all there is.

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