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KADOKAWA CORPORATION, NIS America, Gotcha Gotcha Games, Yoji Ojima, Degica
Sep 8, 2020 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5

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RPG Maker MV - Release Date Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for RPG Maker MV

If you've been eyeing up RPG Maker for a while, then MZ is the best version of RPG Maker. Just don't expect MZ to do everything you want or even need it to do to match your vision.

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RPG Maker MV on Switch is a stripped back and limited version of its PC counterpart that removes the ability to integrate your own custom elements as well as the use of plugins. There's also very little in the way of help or tutorials and the UI can be clunky and slow to navigate. However, if you can make peace with these limitations, what's here is still a vast, hugely flexible bit of game-making software that provides those with the patience to get to grips with its systems almost limitless potential for RPG-making fun. We can't wait to see what players come up with over the coming weeks and months ahead and the free RPG Maker MV Player means that all Switch owners get to share in the fun and perhaps be inspired to join in down the line. If you're hugely serious about RPG making you may do best to stick to the PC version, but, if you just want to have some creative fun within the limits of the assets provided here, you'll have a blast.

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RPG Maker MV provides plenty of tools, but the least possible direction on how to use them. The tutorial is embarrassingly bad, and a help section is nonexistent. Unless you're experienced with this series, skip this Switch port.

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Lilly K.
4 / 10

RPG Maker MV has everything it takes to make an RPG. However, the complexity makes it unenjoyable and often frustrating, especially for players that are not well-versed in the ways of creating RPGs. It is simply too much effort to create a single map, not because of the work needed to design it, but because of endlessly trying to figure out how to achieve certain goals. While the simple portability of this title, due to the nature of the Nintendo Switch, is definitely a positive, this title cannot easily be recommended to newcomers in RPG creation.

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There is no doubt that RPG Maker MV, due to its characteristic of being software adapted for consoles, requires patience beyond normal for amateur game designers. Still, it is a powerful and fascinating tool, with many great functions that allow the creation of great 2D RPGs with isometric view and strong nostalgic appeal.

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RPG Maker MV is not the latest and greatest in this series, and it is sometimes an awkward fit due to using a controller over a mouse. Additionally, there is a lack of flexibility in the system due to the nature of console versus computer, but all of these things were expected on my part. RPG Maker MV delivers an experience unlike anything else on the PlayStation 4 that JRPG enthusiasts such as myself should find hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of fun with.

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RPG Maker MV for the PS4 is about what you would expect — quite possibly the best program for non-programmers to make video games with but on a medium clearly not made for it.

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As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an RPG maker, and now I am. Creating games in RPG Maker MV is more of a grind than I expected, but the platform makes levelling up game development skills an enjoyable experience. There are compromises on console, but it’s still recommended for aspiring game creators.

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