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Get-A-Grip Chip

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 16, 2020

Developer: Redstart Interactive

Publisher: Redstart Interactive

Genres: Action, Platformer, Puzzle

Gear up for grappling action with Get-A-Grip Chip Help Chip save the lost Battery Bots on a perilous journey through the treacherous depths of a robot assembly factory. The catch? The Hooks! When piloting Chip, you can't jump, but you can soar over the pits of molten metal, giant crushers, pools of toxic waste, shifting saws and high-powered lasers using your trusty head-mounted grapple! With 30 meticulously crafted levels across 5 diverse worlds, Get-a-Grip Chip is sure to get you (grappling) Hooked! Dodge deadly obstacles, rescue the Battery Bots, and race your friends (or rivals) for the top spot on the leaderboards.

Get-A-Grip Chip Critic Reviews

I love when games like Get-A-Grip Chip show up. I love when a game I have never heard of ends up winning me over. This is a downright fantastic indie platformer, almost completely devoid of big flaws. Maybe the only thing I would consider an issue is the fact that I’m playing it on a PC, the only platform it’s currently available for, and not the Switch where it would absolutely become one of the system’s best hidden gems.

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Get-A-Grip Chip is the sort of game that arises from a well-focused development team. It is beautifully smooth and playable. It stays true to its base mechanics yet pushes the boundaries whenever possible. The art style is quirky and unique. I felt like I was playing a game made by people who truly understood what they had made. They always had their finger on the pulse. The only issue is when you make a game this enjoyable, I want to play it for much longer than I was able to here.

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