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Speed 3: Grand Prix

Lion Castle, Orange One, Lion Castle B.V.
Nov 6, 2020 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
4 / 10
5 / 10
3.5 / 10
Game Freaks 365
1 / 5
5 / 10
Operation Sports
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Speed 3: Grand Prix - Launch Trailer [NA]

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Speed 3: Grand Prix - Nintendo Switch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Speed 3: Grand Prix

This game is not good. It plays fine at best but there is nothing else of value to experience. This is shovelware and feels like something that would be a dollar or two on the app store, and looks like it too. There is no reason why this game should drop in performance as much as it does. The nerve to ask THIRTY DOLLARS for this. There’s better ways to spend $30 and better racing games… my god there are waaaaaaaaaaay better racing games.

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While Speed 3: Grand Prix does bring a new take on the racing genre to the table, it fails to deliver an interesting gameplay experience, or much variety in its content. Although some of its visual design and soundtrack are solid, these points can't save the game's poor core experience.

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Is there any silver lining in here? Well, the soundtrack doesn’t fit at with the game’s overall vibe, but it isn’t terrible, and there are some unlockable vehicles in here. But that would mean playing the game for a longer period of time just to get something definitely not worth the hassle. Speed 3: Grand Prix is a disaster. It’s ugly, its controls feel unfinished, it lacks content, and most importantly of all, it’s just not fun.

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In summary, Speed 3 controls poorly, the frame rate is awful, the AI is dumb, there are barely any tracks, it’s ugly, and the game crashes. Other than that, it’s great!

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So Speed 3: Grand Prix could be a fun F1 arcade game if you take away the game’s main selling point. It would have been a nice spiritual successor to Virtua Racing, but only if you don’t play the game as intended. You can have some fun bashing up other cars but it’s all rather pointless so it kinda makes this nothing more than glorified dodgems.

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Speed 3: Grand Prix is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. The game also can be played on next-gen consoles by simply downloading it to the console, but they are not optimized for either the PS5 or Xbox Series X. This review was via an Xbox One version of the game provided by the publisher.

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