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Available on:PlayStation 5Nov 24, 2020
Xbox Series X/SNov 27, 2020
PCNov 19, 2020
Xbox OneNov 27, 2020
PlayStation 4Nov 24, 2020

Developer: 10tons

Publisher: 10tons

Genres: Action, Arcade, Roguelike

With science as your superpower, team up with Tesla, Curie, Lovecraft, and Shelley to save the world from an invasion of cosmic horrors. Tesla Force is an intense, procedurally generated, rogue-lite top-down shooter packed with non-stop mayhem and over-the-top power tripping. When the cosmic horrors awake, it's time to call up the Tesla Force to defend mankind against an assault from the outer reaches of reality! Unbounded heroes Choose from four uniquely talented heroes of esoteric knowledge: Tesla, the master of gadgets Lovecraft, the keeper of the Eldritch Truth Curie, the dual-wielding genius Shelley, the mother of monsters Technology Unleashed Utilize such scientific marvels as the X-Ray Blade, Jacob's Ladder on a Stick, the Tesla Turret, and a Battle Mech to overcome the unfathomable monsters. Besides technological gadgets, you'll also collect numerous perks along the way that modify and improve your character. Once they start stacking, you can create utterly ridiculous combos. Inside the labyrinths of Arkham City, you'll also find various mysteries and artifacts that can be either a boon or a curse - so you'd better stay cautious, and expect the unexpectable. Infinite Levels Choose your path through the corrupted lands, and bear the responsibilities of your choices. The world is procedurally generated, offering a unique adventure each and every time! You can play these procedurally generated levels over and over again, keeping the game fresh. No two runs are ever the same! Time is a flat circle Your demise is certain, but not necessarily in vain. After each death you'll return to your base at Wardenclyffe Tower, with a chance to empower your characters with all sorts of upgrades! And in the unlikely case that you survive, you can play the game again with an additional challenge! There are many cycles for you to complete, but where will it lead you? Are you willing to find out the terrible truth beyond reality? Ticktock The Doom is coming. With every breath you take, The Doom approaches. Monsters will grow stronger and gain abilities over time. The more time you spend, the more certain your doom will be. Don't let the Doom Clock strike twelve!

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Tesla Force is a bizarre amalgamation of ideas that never seem to really make much sense together. While science relies on experimentation, Tesla Force could really have used more time in the lab.

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Twin stick mayhem which pits your kick-ass scientists against hordes of beasts in a dreary procedurally generated underworld. Long stints reveal the repetitive nature of the maps and challenges, but grab a copy if you're up for some shallow bullet spraying for up to four buddies.

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Tesla Force is one of the few rogue-lite games I have ever played, and I also rarely play twin stick shooters. I found the experience a little chaffing at times, in how I had to restart a chapter of random stages after dying, but there is a lot of satisfaction derived from unlocking better and better weapons, abilities, and perks and laying waste to the monsters. Best played with a friend or three, Tesla Force is pretty cool and reasonably priced for the experience it offers overall.

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Needless to say, if you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters, Tesla Force is up there with the best of them. It wastes no time in throwing an overwhelming number of monsters at you, and to succeed you need to become a master of shooting, dodging, and collecting those mech parts. It’s simple, but it’s fun – and gunning down a full horde of nasties with a machine gun is oh so very satisfying.

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