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Synthetik: Ultimate

Flow Fire Games
Dec 16, 2020 - Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Synthetik: Ultimate

Synthetik Ultimate is a good top down shooter mixed with rogulite mecanics, that brings a lot of fun gunfights !

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As with any roguelite, Synthetik: Ultimate requires an abundance of playthroughs in order to progress further into the game. Its overall length very much depends on your own commitment, but the strong gameplay is more than enough incentive to keep coming back, despite the poor menu system and less-than-stellar graphics. The addition of an Arena mode on top of the main ‘Citadel’ mode is welcome, though it doesn’t offer anything particularly new, so you’ll likely just stick to the main mode.

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SYNTHETIK: Ultimate provides a good old-fashioned shoot-'em-all with plenty of tactical difficulty. There are enough levels, avatar classes, and weapons to keep a gamer busy for a fair number of hours. The game could stand some controls and training improvement, but it is a worthy action/arcade entry.

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I still found myself rooting for this game when I would find hidden record players that would kick on fantastic techno beats to galvanize my robot scrapping pursuits. All the guns feel and sound unique, and it's a real joy to find a rare drop, upgrade your character, and unlock new passives for your class. Hopefully in a few months' time, this game will be an easy recommendation for fans of the genre as it has the makings of a hidden gem in the Switch's library.

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Digging through the overwhelming amount of information of guns and items and skills can be daunting, but once you get through that Synthetik: Ultimate can be quite an enjoyable game to have. Particularly as a twin stick top down roguelike experience on the go thanks to the portability of Switch.

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SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is a wonderful roguelike that's been utterly ruined by its Switch port. What should be one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch is instead emblematic of everything wrong with the eShop. Frame rate dips, technical hiccups, and game breaking glitches tear down all the goodwill this game establishes. When there's no such thing as quality assurance, amazing games release in unplayable states. SYNTHETIK: Ultimate should be played, just not on Nintendo Switch.

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Twin-stick shooters simply don't get much better than Synthetik: Ultimate with its intricate and tactical approach to gun-based combat.

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If you’re a fan of rogue lite games and twin stick shooters Synthetik: Ultimate is a essential purchase. With so much content and customization options this is a game to get pretty lost in. It keeps the story minimal and the action straight to the point. Despite failing constantly as one does in a typical rogue lite game Synthetiks unique take on the genre makes it one I’ll go to often.

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