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Black Legend

Warcave, Warcave
Mar 25, 2021 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One

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5 / 10
IGN Italy
5 / 10
PlayStation Universe
6 / 10
48 / 100
Generación Xbox
7.3 / 10
Pure Nintendo
6.5 / 10
2.8 / 5
7.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Black Legend

Black Legend evokes a brooding atmosphere thanks to the fog covered streets of Grant and has some good ideas around party and class management, as well as its turn based battles. However, bugs and awkward camera controls, plus a lack of a strong narrative or lore makes Black Legend feel like a fog has descended obscuring its potential.

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IGN Italy

Stefano Castagnola
5 / 10.0
IGN Italy

Black Legend isn't capable of living up to its interesting premise and quickly becomes a repetitive slog through similar combat encounters. It lacks the complexity other tactical RPGs possess, it doesn't offer meaningful exploration or choices and its writing is generally quite bland. The concept is intriguing enough but it needed a stronger game around it.

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Black Legend is a competent game that loses itself in its own cumbersome execution. For every good mechanic, Black Legend introduces it finds a way to make it confusing to learn, and hinders your enjoyment of it in the process. Black Legend crafts an intriguing world that I loved exploring when I wasn't constantly getting lost due to its poor navigation. Where the brunt of issues appear are in the game's cumbersome Catalyst System and repetitive combat animations. Thankfully ,the fun cross-class System keeps things a bit interesting for as long as it takes to finish the title.

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But, now, there are other turn-based strategy games. You can assemble a squad of mechas, a coven of mages, an elite military unit, or even a heavily armed pig and duck. You can fight aliens, fish-men, soldiers, pirates, and existential dread. What I mean to say is that I like the ideas in Black Legend, and I applaud the devs for remaining true to their vision. Although, this is an environment with stiff competition, and it wasn’t long before I felt my attention being pulled elsewhere. Black Legend will doubtlessly have its fans, but the magic simply isn’t there.

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Generación Xbox

7.3 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

A very interesting game that will surely please fans of the genre.

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With its medieval setting and alchemy-based combat system, Black Legend looks and plays quite a bit differently from most turn-based strategy games available on the Switch. Its repetitive settings and battles, however, will likely turn away those used to a greater degree of variety and fun.

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Black Legend presents well in the cinematic trailer but fails to offer an enjoyable gaming experience that promotes repetitive play. Give it a miss.

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Black Legend isn't perfect, but it brings some really solid pieces to the game as a whole. The town is interesting and is designed well, the class system allows for a good amount of freedom of player choice, and the alchemy system is pretty novel. The writing (or lack thereof) is a stumbling block, along with the difficult healing system… but the atmosphere really draws you in and leaves you wanting more of Grant and its mysteries.

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