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Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

PID Publishing, 2PGames, Fishing Cactus
Mar 31, 2021 - PC

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God is a Geek
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Critic Reviews for Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles will be a difficult sell for some people for very obvious reasons, but those willing to try something else and give themselves over to something a little bit different to the games we're all used to will find a charming, likeable adventure.

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If you're looking to improve your typing and can forgive some minor grievances, Nanotale wraps up your keyboard in a light, but often engaging RPG.

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Nanotale - Typing Chronicles is a typing game of a different color. RPG and exploration elements help it stand out, but does the blended genre ensure a good game, or is it just a gimmick? Let's take a look at how the developers implemented their ideas to find out.

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Nanotale – Typing Chronicles was a great experience, I've never played a typing game before, so this was a fresh idea to me, and it definitely won't be my last. Fishing Cactus have released 2 games in the Typing Chronicles series, and I hope they don't stop there; I don't think they really pushed the boundaries of what this kind of game can achieve but that only gives me hope for the next instalment.

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Nanotale is a unique adventure that offers rarely-seen typing gameplay, whether it’s used for exploration, puzzle-solving or combat. It looks gorgeous and it sure is addictive to find all the lore, yet the delivery falls flat at times and it sadly can’t live up to its epic predecessor. If you’re a keyboard warrior at heart, it’s still very much worth your time!

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The biggest problem is that the constant keyboard action can become a little tiring. Keep sessions to a little under an hour to make sure that you do not simply burn out from spelling. Nanotale is also a video game that would benefit immensely from an investment in a very good keyboard.

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Nanotale – Typing Chronicles manages to transform the simple act of typing into something challenging and fun. The game has an impressive the number of words, which can undoubtedly help to increase our vocabulary. Rosalind's adventure sticks to the old recipe of the hero predestined to solve the world's problems, but it is carried out in a charming way. Taking into account the small bugs, those who enjoy adventure and RPG in real time will find in this title a gameplay with a reasonable plot, but which surprises by the gameplay totally out of the curve.

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We could tell that the developers definitely focused on aiming for the niche genre. The main structure of the game is strictly designed based on the keyboard typing mechanism, where the players can adjust the difficulty as they progress. Needless to say, they weren’t over extending when they chose the concept of the game’s promotion to look like educational material. Few nitpicks involve inconsistent frame drops, error on recognizing certain Korean key inputs and minor glitch appearances from few interactions. Perhaps it may be better to wait for some of the quality of life updates to be finalized before purchasing this game.

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