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Trials of Fire

Whatboy Games
Apr 9, 2021 - PC

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TRIALS of FIRE Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire is a complex but seductive deck-building strategy game about sculpting the perfect RPG team.

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Trials of Fire's list of features may read like a videogame word salad, but the resulting combination makes for a fine RPG feast.

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Trials of Fire is uniquely entertaining, and it's an absolute joy to play because every run is challenging, and every fight is a blast to play thanks to the intricacies and strategies you can develop. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody who's looking for a roguelike that's less action and more strategy, and especially so if you love a good TTRPG.

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Trials of Fire is a masterful combination of several genres that manages to establish its own identity early on and build on it throughout.

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Overall, if Whatboy games spends even a modicum of effort refining presentation, retooling the progression, and (I hope someday) adding in a player generated campaign system, Trials of Fire could be a true legend for the gaming genre. My only issues with it are minor and intransigent, and having gotten past that initial grind I look forward to many hours spent searching through its landscapes and battling its fantastical foes.

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Trials of Fire is an amazing blend of RPG, turn-based, and roguelike mechanics that manages to be both deep and accessible at the same time. With a great storybook presentation, tons of different options to customize the experience, and the multitude of builds made possible by the great deck-building system, even those with a passing interest in roguelike and role-playing games will find plenty to like in the game.

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Trials of Fire is a fantastic deck-building game. It is enhanced by also acting like a rouguelike for endless replayability, and it crafts a rich world around its characters. Trials of Fire only disappoints on one front: that the story it actually tells seems more like a teaser than an epic. While I can't complain in that it is priced like a single episode in a longer saga, I am left wanting for the rest of the saga. Maybe that's altogether not the worst thing...

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Ultimately, it's not surprising to see Trials of Fire emerge out of Early Access as a strong deckbuilding contender. That time spent listening to player feedback was used wisely, and balancing, tone, and innovation have all been tweaked with a deft hand. While some of its elements shine more brightly than others, and the more involved nature of the game means it's a tougher sell for players looking to rapid-fire their way through its learning curve and combinations, Trials of Fire leaves Early Access as yet another strong, captivating deckbuilding game that borrows from tabletop roleplaying games and roguelites to carve out a name for itself.

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