Devil Slayer Raksasi

GlassesCatGames, Indienova
Apr 22, 2021 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC
PlayStation Universe
7.5 / 10
Video Chums
4 / 5
6 / 10
Hey Poor Player
4 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
6.4 / 10
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Devil Slayer Raksasi Trailers

Devil Slayer Raksasi Launch Trailer thumbnail

Devil Slayer Raksasi Launch Trailer

Devil Slayer - Raksasi PC Launch Trailer thumbnail

Devil Slayer - Raksasi PC Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Devil Slayer Raksasi

Devil Slayer Raksasi brings in elements from larger titles with its own spin. However, it leaves you occasionally wanting more, but as it's decently priced, it's hard to say anything too bad about Devil Slayer, and I did enjoy my experience overall, it's a great time waster.

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Devil Slayer Raksasi is one of the most enjoyable roguelikes that I've played all year so if you're up for a challenge then give it a go.

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Though it’s pretty derivative, Devil Slayer Raksasi is a notable take on the roguelike. Its directly overhead camera perspective is novel but serves really to draw you too far out of the action, and its randomly earned drops leave it straddling the line between roguelite and roguelike. The real problem is that most of its other elements have been seen before and in better games.

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I may have been uncertain at the start whether or not I would enjoy Devil Slayer Raksasi, but in the end, it’s actually one of the best rogues I’ve played in a long while. While graphically, it may not shatter anyone’s expectations, and the music is generally pretty muted, it does so much more right in how it plays. Coupled with an interesting premise, mysterious robed overlords, demon hybrids, and monsters, and you end up with a really satisfying indie game. I’m definitely impressed and look forward to future projects from GlassesCatGames.

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When you've got a crowded eShop first impressions can be everything, so when you struggle with a title right out of the gate it can be tough to recover...

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