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General Information

Available on:PCMay 11, 2021

Developer: PixFroze

Publishers: Blowfish Studios, Gamera Game

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

Base One is a base building management strategy game with an RPG twist. After a large wormhole tears the moon apart and causes unprecedented levels of natural disasters, the Earth Global Union create the "Solution" space exploration program in order to explore the wormhole for a new home. As a member of the "Solution" program, it is up to you to expand the fleet, find valuable minerals and new planets to inhabit - and maybe even save the Earth from ecological destruction! Take command of the EGU fleet of space stations located in unexplored corners of space. Select a wide range of crew members with their own unique perks, characteristics and traits to best tackle specific tasks on the space stations. Monitor the space station network's shared resources - power, heating, oxygen and water supply. Juggling these finite supplies across each station is critical for survival! Upgrade your artillery to make quick work out of whatever asteroid comes your way along. Keep space pirates at bay with the best military expertise EGU can provide! Build your own "Solution" expedition, listen to the various tales the crew have in store for you and explore undiscovered systems. Also included is a Custom Game mode for the more experienced player who want to build their own campaign with their own conditions and quests. THE "SOLUTION" IS IN YOUR HANDS, CAPTAIN!

Base One Critic Reviews

Base One is an enjoyable sim/management game that you can play casually for a few in-game cycles or a few IRL hours.

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Base One is too conservative in its take on the future, its approach to mechanics, and its story to create an experience that can keep gamers engaged with the campaign in the long term. The custom game mode offers ways to engage with all core mechanics in a variety of player-defined scenarios.

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After bad start with few patches you can find here good space base builder with complex and sometimes difficult management.

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Base One is a remarkable game where some design decisions -especially at the interface level- somewhat questionable and dozens of bugs, at least in the preliminary version, prevent it from reaching a higher grade. But it has some cool ideas and if it has developer support it can be a great game in the long run.

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Base One - Launch Trailer - Available now on Steam, GOG and Mac!

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