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Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition

Limited Run Games, Christophe Galati
Oct 30, 2018 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Pure Nintendo
7.5 / 10
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4.5 / 5
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Video Chums
4 / 5
Use a Potion
8.5 / 10
Hey Poor Player
3.5 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition

Admittedly, the Game Boy emulation will probably turn off many potential players. That said, there's fun to be had under the dated surface. I don't think Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition is a great adventure, but the refinements have cemented it as a good one.

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It's hard to describe just how enjoyable Save Me Mr Tako is.

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It's as shocking as it is baffling that Nicalis blocked Galati's patch considering just how much better Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition is over the original release. A host of quality of life additions shine a spotlight on what was always a compelling adventure, albeit one bogged down in out of place design philosophies. The revamped difficulty curve makes stages far more engaging - lending them a flow that was previously missing - and the new hint system keeps progress moving at a steady pace. Save me Mr Tako may style itself like a typical Game Boy platformer, but it goes beyond mere homage and reaches genuine greatness.

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Everything about the production, from the pixel art and color selection to the catchy chiptunes, will make you think you're playing a lost Game Boy game. Christophe Galati really knocked it out of the park. I just wish the gameplay was a little more interesting! Despite my misgivings, I really do enjoy Save Me Mr. Tako, and if you're nostalgic for the golden age of handheld gaming, this game absolutely delivers in spades.

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I liked the original but Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition made me a fan by being a much-improved iteration of a promising platformer.

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Use a Potion

Unknown Author
8.5 / 10.0
Use a Potion

Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition is a charming and nostalgic platforming romp that was a lot of fun to play through. Between the neat abilities and the slick level design, there was plenty to appreciate in Tako’s wacky world. Add to that a myriad of collectibles and levels to complete, and it’s easy to find yourself completely invested in the meaty Game Boy-inspired adventure.

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Save Me Mr. Tako: Definitive Edition hits a lot of the right notes: beautifully nostalgic, quirky, and fun mechanics and catchy music. With a surprising amount of dialogue, secrets to find in each level, and 50 silly hats to discover and wear, there’s plenty to keep you coming back for more. If you’re in the market for a game that pays homage to the good ol’ days of the Gameboy, I think you’ll find plenty to love here. Especially since the game offers adjustable difficulty, so if you, like me, aren’t super great at platformers (but love them anyway), you can scale the game somewhat to your abilities.

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Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition still remains a unique platforming experience. If you’re looking for a retro-inspired platformer then this will keep you busy for some time. One where you play as a pacifist Octopus – this is well worth checking out. A charming octopus that just may inspire you to overcome your struggles and live your own great adventure.

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