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Available on:PCMay 27, 2021

Developer: Tactical Adventures

Publisher: Tactical Adventures

Genres: Strategy, RPG

Created and written by lifelong fans of Pen & Paper RPGs, comes Solasta: Crown of the Magister. BRING THE AUTHENTIC TABLETOP GAMING EXPERIENCE TO YOUR PC! Roll for initiative, take attacks of opportunity, manage player location and the verticality of the battle field. Set yourself up for the finishing strike and possibly roll a natural 20 at that key moment of battle.​ In Solasta, you take control of four heroes, each with unique skills that complement one another. Every hero expresses themselves in the adventure, making each action and dialog choice a dynamic part to the story. Players will create their heroes just as they would in a pen-and-paper game by choosing their race, class, personality and rolling for their stats.​ You make the choices, dice decide your destiny. KEY FEATURES: An Epic Team Adventure Discover the shattered world of Solasta: explore ruins and dungeons for legendary treasures, learn the truth of an age-old cataclysm - and stop it from happening again. Create your very own party of adventurers with our Character Creation Tool in the classic tabletop RPG tradition. Breathe life into your heroes, and see their personalities reflected in their dialogue. Tailor your squad to your preferred strategy and maximize your party's abilities. The choice is yours. Discover a Mysterious & Dynamic WorldDelve into long forgotten dungeons to unearth ancient artifacts, but stay watchful of light and darkness: many dangers hide in the dark, but a light can attract monsters. Some enemies have darkvision, some may flee from your torch... Successful adventurers will learn to use it to their advantage. Fight monsters in squad-level, turn-based, tactical combat. Solasta's dynamic environment offers some interesting tactical options. Bridges can collapse, leaving enemies stranded and vulnerable. Walls and columns can be pushed over - on top of your foes, if you do it right. The world is your playground. Prepare to Think in Three Dimensions The dungeons in Solasta are more than flat game-boards. Climb, jump, or fly around obstacles. Evade or surprise foes from above or below. Push them into chasms or drop things on their heads. Position yourself on high grounds to start the fight with an advantage. Size also matters. Escape through narrow passages where bigger enemies won't fit and crawl through tunnels to find secret areas. Take advantage of the environment to find cover suited to your own size. Watch out, though - the monsters are also thinking vertically. Dungeon MakerIn Solasta, the adventure does not stop after the campaign is over. Unleash your creativity and craft your own dungeons to play and share with friends with the snap of a finger using the in-game Dungeon Maker! From the room layout, monster composition and treasure the party will find – down to the decoration and lighting of each room or the music track playing – everything is decided by you.Note that the Dungeon Maker is a work in progress and will keep being improved as time goes by, so look forward to more Dungeon Maker features in the future!

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Solasta's storytelling may not be up to much, but its tactical combat and accessible approach to D&D rules make it worth considering for CRPG fans.

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IGN Italy

Stefano Castagnola
8.2 / 10.0
IGN Italy

Solasta is a very good tactical RPG that offers a faithful adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons' fifth edition and a robust and satisftying combat system. It doesn't break new grounds, nor does it really try to, but Solasta succeeds at almost everything it sets up to do. If you love turn-based combat and a classic fantasy adventure there aren't many reasons not to try this game.

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Solasta: Crown of the Magister is an authentic D&D experience, with great tactical combat and plenty of deep systems to chow down on.

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My gripe here is I wish Tactical Adventures had thought twice about its setting and had done as much to turn the “ruined ancient empire” trope on its head as it did with Solasta’s tactical combat. Once it gets better at this, Tactical Adventures has the potential to join the ranks of Obsidian, InXile, or Larian as a top-tier RPG dev house.

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