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Jun 2, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Overboard!

You are the murderous starlet forced to concoct your alibi in Inkle's fresh and beautifully detailed paperback crime novel of a game

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Charming, witty, and very replayable: Overboard flips the whodunnit on its head and proves that it can, indeed, be good to be bad.

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Where 80 Days was about the broad implications of travelling the entire globe, Overboard! focuses instead on the minutiae of a single day, and the intricacies of interaction. It's a glorious study in how to create a delicate Rube Goldberg machine of dialogue and dependencies, as a cast of mostly terrible people waltz around each other with ulterior motives and pre-existing feelings about everything, including our Veronica and dear, departed Malcolm. It's excellent: play it.

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With a wicked sense of humour, loads of visual flair, and a surprising amount of cerebral satisfaction packed into its deceit-filled race against the clock, Overboard! is a delight. It's one to keep within arm's reach when you're in the mood for short bursts of frantic, but low-effort, fun.

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Overboard! is an outstanding time-loop game that challenges you to think like a crafty murderer out of an Agatha Christie novel!

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Overboard! is one of the year's most delightful surprises so far, a terrific reverse murder mystery with several twists and turns around every corner, and one that can still put up a notable challenge as you try to figure out every possible step towards getting Veronica off the hook and on the path to a life of luxury instead. A mix of sharp writing, clever puzzles and simple yet effective gameplay results in a killer experience that will leave you coming back for more.

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Overboard is a charming and darkly funny game, with incredibly well-written characters and a great atmosphere of intrigue, secrecy and 1930s style.

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Overboard! is an excellent exploration of the whodunit genre that is both grounded and willing to do whatever it likes. This, in turn, makes it incredibly likable.

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