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Old World

Mohawk Games
May 5, 2020 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Old World

A clever spiritual successor to Civilization full of both novelties and big ideas.

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Old World clearly shows its origins, coming from a small team of developers intimately connected with 4x strategy games. It adds several new mechanics to an established genre, some of which are clearly brilliant and others that seem less significant. Old World succeeds in giving genre fans a clear alternative to their favorite games, but it seems unconcerned with welcoming the uninitiated, thanks to a fussy interface, lack of patient tutorials, and a focus on a fairly narrow slice of history and culture. Fundamentally, Old World both honors a tradition and gently pushes it forward.

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Old World adds dimension and complexity to the 4X style, but its slow pace and intricate resource management hinder it from reaching its full potential.

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8.5 / 10.0

If you've played a Civ game, and particularly the hex-based, one-unit-per-tile mode of the most recent series entries, then the early turns of Old World will feel very familiar.

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Old World is a turn-based strategy game made by people who previously worked on games like Civilization. Old World mixes Civilization gameplay elements with Crusader Kings' story events and characters and creates a unique experience for the fans. The game has some issues in the UI, and its graphics are a little bit outdated. Also, it can be overwhelming for newcomers. All and All, It is a well-made strategy game that I can easily recommend to the genre's hardcore fans.

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Old World has its moments, but it's a very niche offering. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who isn't hardcore about 4X games because the learning curve is brutal. However, if you've played the rest and you're looking for something new, and especially if the overload of stats is something you find compelling, check out Old World. At the very least, you get to enjoy Christopher Tin's majestic soundtrack.

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Playing Old World feels like you have an entire nation interacting deeply with other real civilizations covering a much smaller slice of history. It adds complexity and dimension to the 4X genre by taking the Civilization templet and adding to it to involve you in an epic story. I love it, as I enjoy the deep strategy it offers and the added relationship dynamics!

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While the game has interesting concepts and ideas, some odd design choices and an atrocious tutorial hamper Old World's ambition.

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