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Boomerang X

DANG!, Devolver Digital
Jul 8, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Boomerang X | Out Now | Nintendo Switch + PC

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Boomerang X - Nintendo Switch & PC this Spring

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Critic Reviews for Boomerang X

Exciting combat, fantastic art direction, and interesting environments only make me wish Boomerang X were twice as long.

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Above all, I like the way that Boomerang X sprinkles in combat abilities and just-fussy-enough enemy types. It’s all layered on without needlessly complicating the whole thing. This game starts fun, and it ends fun. There’s no time for your mind to wander, or get twisted up trying to remember the controls, or feel too stressed out. It’s a great flow.

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Boomerang X is the 2AM food truck run of arena shooters. You're in and out before you know it, but holy shit is it amazing. The boomerang abilities that form the core of the gameplay are unique and insanely addicting, but there's always new foes and features constantly revealing themselves as the game progresses. It's a brief experience, maybe too brief, but it's still an unforgettable one.

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Boomerang X is a fresh take on the arena shooter. Focusing on one weapon, the range in abilities and the ceiling for skill make frenetic combat exciting in just about every instance. The game is rather short, but that works perfectly for the pace of both the story and combat. Only feeling dull in the moments between the action, DANG! and Devolver Digital have an impressive indie on their hands with Boomerang X.

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12 / 20

Boomerang X, like Disc Room for example - another Devolver Digial prod -, arrives with a simple, unexplored and functional concept. Crossing arenas with a grappling hook and the ability to slow down time to decimate the population even proves fun and challenging, especially when the skill engage depends on your kills. Unfortunately, this is at the cost of an imprecision when you have to go to chop life or fight the final boss, and a repetitiveness in the structure of the game.

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To dismiss Boomerang X as little more than a tech demo would be unfair, but it is also hard to ignore that the game skimps on a lot of elements that would give it depth and replayability or really make the player engage with something more than throwing a weapon to kill waves of enemies, no matter how initially satisfying that can be. Not everyone is going to love the attention-getting and specific art style and level of abstraction, or the bare minimum story or lack of interesting characters. That said, a game that knows how to balance its strengths with just enough story, gameplay, and challenge is worth playing, and Boomerang X definitely knows its strength.

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Boomerang X is a frantic and challenging arena shooter made to satisfy the needs of those interested in speedrunning the game or unlocking every single one of its achievements.

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Fantastic gameplay paired with a game structure that resembles a tech demo makes Boomerang X worthwhile, even if it doesn't live up to its potential.

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