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Button City

Aug 9, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Button City

I think it’s narratively weak; a few sparks, but never a fire. The games held within are not just overly basic, but often not even fun. Even the quest design is an escort quest and a forced stealth section away from a broken controller. It makes me feel like the bad guy when I say these things to such a cute and innocent game. I absolutely wanted to love Button City, but it gave me no reason to give up another quarter.

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Button City is a pretty decent second outing from the team at Subliminal Games. The fascinating characters and hilarious dialogue make the story really endearing, and it’s all bolstered by the game’s art and music. The minigames are hit or miss, but it’s not enough to ruin an overall joyful experience.

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Button City is a good game that most people will have a fun time playing through. For just $20, it's reasonably priced and does a good job of putting a smile on your face. However, there is a missed opportunity to further explore certain topics which holds back the narrative's huge potential to be something more.

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10 / 20

Button City is a small indie game with a childish charm that hits the mark. Despite some narrative qualities, the title does not manage to bring its own paw to the stories seen and reviewed it tells. Even if one can not be as demanding as for the big productions, the mini-games have a minimal interest while the bulk of the gameplay relies on them.

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Overall, it's a chilled out game with personality and charm, but there's not much more to it than that. While you may enjoy exploring the town and meeting its residents, there isn't enough substance here to keep things interesting.

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Like a good diorama, Button City has a lot of fine detail. Sure the story is breezy and the characters are charming, but what about the games? What about the simple, engaging level design? I wish the sidequests were less about long walks, yes. I want a run button so very badly, it’s true. And the games could actually be harder. But I still want to visit this weird little town. I want to keep coming back to this arcade, I want to get sick of the only good games, I want to save up for the only good prizes. Whether you remember places like this or not, Button City is a delightful escape to the lost world of arcades. Heck, if you’ve got one in your town, this might convince you to start going again.

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Button City wants its audience to feel warm and to remember all of the things that they enjoyed when they were kids, and it succeeds in that goal. It feels right at home beside any media from the era it’s invoking.

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Despite these bugs, Button City is a relaxing little game with a great storyline and characters you care about despite their faults. Players can work their way through the game at their own pace as they battle to save the arcade from greed, and Fennel from his own shy and unconfident self. The story isn't lengthy, clocking in at 6-8 hours depending on how much time you spend playing arcade games and completing side missions, but it's a nice little distraction for a rainy day.

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