Gas Station Simulator

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Sep 15, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Gas Station Simulator

Overall, it hits its niche. It lands on the edges of the sweet spot for modern simulators. It manages to be fun and atmospheric. It’s a hard day’s work, but someone has to do it.

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Gas Station Simulator feels like a weird game to want to play, but you want to play it. Like most simulators, the tasks at hand are menial and repetitive, but it's generally a fun game to keep progressing through. The upgrades and tools are well placed to keep you from feeling like you're dealing with too much busy work, and the humor the game injects keeps things lighthearted. Although, if we could just get rid of Dennis, I wouldn't complain.

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Gas Station Simulator is a tough game to score. It’s deeply flawed, but it’s oh-so fun. The jankiness is part-and-parcel with the experience, but some progress-halting bugs will really sour you. Still, the act of manning your own gas station, getting stuck into the nitty-gritty and seeing your business flourish over time is incredibly satisfying. And those issues just aren’t enough to drag us away from the joy of serving our customers.

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Gas Station Simulator is a crazy sim game that is addictive and enjoyable. What's more, it'll push you to your limits at every stage. Expand your business, serve the customers, and keep everyone happy.

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If you want an insanely addicting core loop and don’t mind a little dust in the machinery, Gas Station Simulator will guzzle up an entire weekend before you know it.

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Gas Station Simulator ends up as one of the better ‘simulator’ games out there. Tasks get repetitive and there are moments where I did think to myself ‘why am I spending so much time playing this.’ But ultimately it held my attention and I enjoyed running my station even if it did have a few rough edges. I guess like running a real Gas Station this game is filled with financial challenges. The stress of juggling customers and employees and after a long gaming session you feel like you need a good sit down with a good coffee. But despite all this, it makes for a pretty fun video game. But I can’t guarantee running a Gas Station in real life would be this much fun.

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Overall, I had a blast with Gas Station Simulator. You get that feeling of running a gas station, especially early on when it’s just you rushing between the pumps and register. The mini-games peppered throughout the game don’t make running the place feel like work. Well, except for picking up the trash and cleaning. I maybe forgot to mention that part. I assigned my employee to do that anyway, so no skin off my back. That aside, the game hits its mark; it says what it is in the title. I feel this one is up there in the pantheon of its genre and if you were to ask me what good simulator games should you try? I’ll tell you: Car Mechanic, House Flipper, Power Washer, and now, Gas Station.

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Overall, Gas Station Simulator is vastly better than a lot of the simulator games that are available. It's a charming and occasionally buggy experience, but one that allows the player to find a little bit of peace in a daily grind.

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