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Anomaly Defenders

11 bit studios
May 29, 2014 - PC

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Anomaly Defenders - Official HD Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders ditches the series' prior innovations for something more familiar and far less thrilling.

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The series that turned tower defence on its head closes out with Anomaly Defenders, a surprisingly traditional bit of turret-based tactics

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Although more traditional than previous games in the series, Anomaly Defenders provides a flexible and entertaining strategy-light experience. It looks great, provides multiple options for players and play styles, and is challenging enough to require forethought and adaptation. Though previous Anomaly fans might be disappointed in the traditional approach, it's well worth a try for tower defense fans.

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Anomaly Defenders doesn't do enough to break away from the traditional tower defense mould, leaving behind a serviceable but mostly forgettable game.

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For a mere $9.99 on Steam, there's little reason (other than holding out for a nigh-inevitable sale price in the future) that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone — and I don't hesitate at all to say this is probably a must-play for those who, like me, love the genre and wish it had more high-quality titles to offset the flood of terrible browser-based entries.

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Anomaly Defenders is a good final hurrah for the tower defense series from 11 Bit Studios. It has gorgeous maps, fun and hectic gameplay, and a lot of strategic opportunities via the deployable powers and the complex tech tree. What's more, the difficulty modes that affect the layout of the maps are quite impressive.

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Digitally Downloaded

Pierre-Yves L.
Digitally Downloaded

Overall Anomaly Defenders is a solid tower defence experience that really does raise the bar for the tower defence genre. It might still be the simplest example of strategy gaming out there, but at least this one has merit for long term play.

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For the Anomaly series as a whole, this seems like an unnecessary step backwards from the fun convoy-leading gameplay of the first two games. As a game in and of itself however, Anomaly Defenders is a capable and fun game that fans of the genre should enjoy. At a low price it's worth a gamble, but don't expect the same inspired experience of Anomaly 2.

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