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Astria Ascending

Dear Villagers, Artisan Studios
Sep 30, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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6 / 10
2 / 5
IGN Italy
6.3 / 10
God is a Geek
7.5 / 10
Windows Central
3.5 / 5
85 / 100
PC Invasion
8 / 10
PlayStation Universe
8 / 10
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Astria Ascending - Gameplay video: Basic combat Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Astria Ascending

Astria Ascending attracts you with its art, keeps you interested with its combat, but may lose you entirely due to its bland story full of annoying difficulty spikes.

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With so many other incredible JRPGs released in 2021, it’s hard to recommend Astria Ascending. It does have a very pretty artstyle, which is what will draw most players initially. The battle system and customization options can be enjoyable to tinker around with, but the lackluster story and unpleasant cast of characters really bog down the whole experience.

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Astria Ascending tries to convey the "feel-good" atmosphere of the classic JRPGs with an aesthetically pleasing art direction and promises of pure turn-based combat extravaganza. Unfortunately its ambition falls flat due to a forgettable writing and an unbalanced combat system.

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God is a Geek

Lyle Carr
7.5 / 10.0
God is a Geek

Astria Ascending is a good JRPG, but in a year packed with lengthy games and a few issues with voices and grinding it's not that easy to recommend.

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Astria Ascending's 2D puzzle platforming blended with turn-based combat and stunning art style does all the heavy lifting to keep players interested as the game's writing feels a bit generic.

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Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Astria Ascending. While parts of it felt long and grindy, the English cast is abysmal, and the dungeons design themselves left more to be desired, Astria Ascending is still a solid entry in the JRPG genre. It does what it sets out to do and at its price point it does it pretty well. While it may not quite rise to the heights of some of the forebears it tries to evoke from Square Enix’s past, its friendlier price point makes it a great entry that can steal away 25-30 hours of time. Just don’t expect it to sway you over if you don’t already like the genre. As its tendency to get grindy, and its overwrought characters may not change your mind.

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Astria Ascending is filled with countless features and mechanics to add more flavor to an adventure that can last dozens of hours. However, it does have some noticeable issues that can sour the experience. The poor narrative and progression can become too tedious, and some characters will feel useless down the line.

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Astria Ascending is a fascinating JRPG with intriguing storytelling, distinctive characters and charming hand-drawn art. Artisan Studios has outdone themselves providing a lengthy gameplay experience and addictive mini-game that will have you entrenched for hours. My only grudge against the game is the maps can be perplexing at times when attempting to complete side-quests or just finding your way through dungeons and temples. However, the combat mechanics are solid and customization options for your party and builds provide a lot of depth and strategy. Considering the fact that Astria Ascending is not a full-priced title, the game is definitely worth checking out, especially for fans of the genre.

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