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Demon Turf

Fabraz, Playtonic Friends
Nov 4, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

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Metro GameCentral
8 / 10
5.5 / 10
God is a Geek
8 / 10
4 / 5
PC Invasion
8 / 10
68 / 100
Push Square
7 / 10
Screen Rant
3.5 / 5
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Playtonic Friends Presents: Demon Turf Accolades Trailer

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Playtonic Friends Presents: Demon Turf is OUT NOW!

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Critic Reviews for Demon Turf

Metro GameCentral

8 / 10
Metro GameCentral

A 3D platformer which wears its inspirations on its sleeve but manages to offer enough individual style and unique platforming dynamics to stand on its own.

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It’s not a soulless game or one without a spark — there’s definitely a lot of love in the final product. It just seriously needed a few more sets of eyes on it to draw out its flaws. A lot of the things that vexed me most severely could be fixed with a few more passes of the floor buffer. Yet here we are, and Demon Turf doesn’t strike me as territory worth conquering.

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Demon Turf has a truly unique look and varied platforming gameplay

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Although I’m sure completionists will find a lot to love here, I had the most fun with Demon Turf when I forgot about its myriad side quests, collectibles, and second visits to a level, and just ran through stages with my mastery of Beebz’s moves letting me fly through levels like I was Sonic and I’d finally learnt how to work in 3D. When Demon Turf is fast, it’s glorious, it’s just a shame it has some extra baggage stopping it from peeling out.

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Lengthy and more than entertaining enough, Demon Turf has a few issues that irked me, but this is a very impressive 3D platformer that does a great job separating itself from the rest of the pack.

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Demon Turf is a strange and peculiar game. At times, it nails its intention, delivering solid platforming sections, packed with ingenuity. However, you’ll often be let down by technical issues and odd design decisions that will ultimately hinder your experience. Although the game, doesn’t manage to stick the landing, it certainly has some memorable moments that will resonate with fans of classic 3D platformers.

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While the platforming is largely very good, the game does have its drawbacks. The camera doesn't always give you the best view, and fights can be frustrating with imprecise projectiles and a lack of combative options. The boss battles in particular can be irksome things. Even with its flaws, however, this is a game offering lots of personality and refreshing, clean platforming fun.

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Demon Turf feels like a missed opportunity for its engaging, interesting new world to be catered to such a niche audience. Perhaps these lost levels can give way to an adventure with Beebz that's more up to speed with the general public, but for now, Demon Turf is well worth a try for hardcore platforming fans and difficult to recommend for those less fond of the genre.

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