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The Last Stand: Aftermath

Con Artist Games , Armor Games Studios , Merge Games
Nov 16, 2021 - PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for The Last Stand: Aftermath

The Last Stand: Aftermath is a rougelite with a unique concept which keeps each run feeling fresh. Each character, despite having nearly no dialogue, still feels distinct and gives you the sense that each volunteer who sacrifices their life in the name of the community is important. As you progress and unlock new and better equipment and upgrade your survivors, runs will become longer and unveil new story beats, constantly keeping players pushing to unlock the next upgrade, find the next supply cache, or uncover more of the world's lore.

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This is a fantastic return to form for the well-established series

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As it is, The Last Stand: Aftermath distinguishes itself from other zombie survival/roguelite games by virtue of its unique new character respawn idea and the incredibly detailed and believable post-zombie apocalypse world it imagines.

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The Last Stand: Aftermath is an engaging zombie-themed roguelike that unfortunately runs out of ideas too fast. The steady voyage across the zombie-infested post-apocalypse whilst scavenging for scarce resources is a tense and fairly enjoyable experience, but only for a while. As a game built around repetition and short playthroughs, The Last Stand: Aftermath recycles enemies and environments too frequently for the amount of time you replay them. The addition of mutations and new player equipment load-outs are a nice touch, but ultimately don’t do enough to mix up the experience. Rewarding progression and an engaging premise mean the game is certainly worth checking out for fans of roguelikes and zombie games, although it might not hold your attention for very long.

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The Last Stand: Aftermath may be a bit light on its gameplay loop, but there are enough unique mechanics to interact with in this zombie roguelike.

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The Last Stand: Aftermath is a blast from the past and enjoyable rogue-like that is unfortunately infected with bugs.

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Amusing post-apocalyptic wasteland full of undead. But sooner or later you will give up.

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In terms of the survival genre, The Last Stand: Aftermath doesn’t do anything groundbreaking; its presentation is rough around the edges, and its gameplay sits comfortably in a territory filled by countless other zombie-filled survival games. But throw in the roguelike elements and the continual draw to find better gear or unlock better upgrades, and you’ve got a deeply satisfying gameplay loop that will keep you coming back time and time again.

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