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Citizens of Earth

Eden Industries, Atlus
Jan 20, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, PlayStation 5

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Citizens of Earth Review Summary

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Citizens of Earth does have its positives in that it's general charm and unique gameplay work, but only for a while. After this point, it falls into the trappings of old-school SNES RPGs and makes the player wander about and grind too much.

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Critic Reviews for Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth is a quirky game with its heart in the right place and its head in the clouds.

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Nevertheless, Citizens of Earth succeeds in rediscovering something of the ingenuity of 1990s JRPGs in its playful twists on genre cliches. And as a kooky and inventive contemporary re-imagining of the Super Nintendo-era role-player, this, like its protagonist's campaign, is but a near miss.

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It looks like EarthBound, and to a degree it plays like EarthBound, but this has none of the charm or character of the SNES classic – and considerably worse combat.

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Humorous and fun, but a bit mundane at times. Retro RPG fans will find a lot to like

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Citizens of Earth wins hearts and minds, but still loses in a few key states.

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Citizens of Earth is rooted in the past but still forward-thinking

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Citizen of Earth is inspired by Earthbound and Suikoden, but the entire thing doesn't come together as a solid whole. The citizens you can recruit are interesting, but the rest of the game's story is only skin-deep. Combat is solid, but it can get tedious and boring at times. With everything taken together, the game comes across as average. If collecting characters and turn-based action is your thing though, you'll find a lot to love about Citizens of Earth.

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However, there's still a somewhat decent game beneath the frustrating amalgam of boring, grinding gameplay and bizarre design decisions. There's a lot of potential behind the scenes that could be reworked into a much more satisfying experience. As-is, Citizens of Earth is at best a semi-mediocre journey with lots of quests to complete. Alas, it seems that while it tried its best to do so, it just couldn't quite grasp EarthBound's true form. 

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