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Devolver Digital, Tomasz Waclawek
Jun 30, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Ronin


No Recommendation / Blank

It feels weird to be saying this at a time when sequels are far too prevalent, but while Ronin has its moments of brilliance during its short campaign, it ultimately feels very much like a proof of concept for a more generous and balanced game yet to come.

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A fun, if lightweight, stealth combat game. The turn-based fighting isn't perfect, but remains entertaining enough to be worth a look.

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A heady mix of action and tactical puzzle solving that's worth playing for the intriguing combat loop

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Ronin is a challenging action platformer with vengeance on its mind.

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RONIN strives to achieve the level of masterful design of games like Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja, but seems to have overlooked what made them so special in the first place. It has its moments of truly feeling like a badass, but they do not make up for the frustration of everything in between.

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With a little more refinement, Ronin could easily have been an enjoyable romp. It certainly looked the part and in the initial stages was a slick action platformer, but by the time the game reaches its conclusion, there's little motivation to continue. It may be short, but finishing Ronin feels like running a gauntlet by the skin of your teeth. The only kicker is, there's no moment of euphoria afterwards…

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Ronin puts you the role of a motorcycle helment wearing ninja, who can dodge bullets and deliver death with every leap. However, the game's unforgiving nature tends to sap much of the fun out of vengeance.

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Ronin is potentially a really good game, but repetitive game play as well as a frustrating upgrade system makes it tough to finish to its conclusion.

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