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RPGolf Legends

ArticNet, KEMCO
Jan 20, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for RPGolf Legends

If you yearn for the days of, say, Camelot’s Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color, then the fusion of sports and statistics may hold your attention here. But it’s best enjoyed in short bursts, as the tedium sets in quick, and will take a slice at your interest.

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RPGolf Legends attempts to combine elements from a range of genres to create a sumptuous sporting adventure. Unfortunately, these exist in solitude rather than merge to form a cohesive experience. Although it doesn’t hit the heights of Golf Story, it does have a lot of charm and is a fun stop-gap while waiting for Sidebar Games’ sophomore release.

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RPGolf Legends leans too much into its influences to be really entertaining in itself. As a fan of Sports RPGs, RPGolf Legends demonstrates there is some wiggle room to experiment with the formula. I’d be doing a disservice to not congratulate the developers on the boss fights that succeed at demonstrating how RPG mechanics and golf mechanics can integrate well to make some unique and special gameplay moments. However, it must be said that outside of those boss fights, the game is largely satisfactory, but not exciting. It’s not the worst game I have played in recent memory, and it’s not a bad game to kill time on. Yet, for the ambition on display, I find it hard to get particularly enthusiastic about RPGolf Legends.

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A casual, charming RPG worth a few hours of your time.

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RPGolf Legends can be good fun, but it's also heavily flawed at present. With more focus on golf and dungeon puzzles and less on awful combat, this game would be an easy recommendation. But the fusion is bizarrely out of whack, and the game needs more polish.

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RPGolf Legends is fun idea with some solid mechanics, but is lacking in aesthetic and exciting gameplay.

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The boss battles that deftly mix combat and golf are tons of fun. But then you might hit a wall where you just need to grind, whether it's by pounding down enemies or golfing on loop, and the whole experience suffers. Still, I'm heartened that we live in a world where we have multiple options for retro-ish golf RPGs and they're both pretty good.

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RPGolf Legends provides a solid golf-filled adventure set in a lighthearted game world that's a joy to explore. Although its combat could use some major tweaks, you'll still have a fun time unlocking holes and completing quests as you save the sport of golf.

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