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Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror

Turtle Rock Studios, Warner Bros. Games
Apr 12, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Back 4 Blood - "Tunnels of Terror" Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror

Back 4 Blood's first major expansion deepens the roguelite elements of the game, but still stumbles on issues that have been present since launch.

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Turtle Rock added interesting content in Tunnels of Terror. Ridden Hives offer a compelling challenge, new Cleaners are somewhat worth experimenting with, No Hope is undeniably challenging, and Warped Ridden make you think twice, at least for a moment. But what's missing is purpose. Heng is useless, Ridden Hives aren't worth the risk for the reward and Warped Ridden aren't any more terrifying or game-changing. It's hard to identify Turtle Rock's aim, but there's no question it was off.

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The Back 4 Blood - Tunnels of Terror expansion introduces some new quality content such as the Ridden Hives, new Cleaners, and new cards that enhance the base game's experience without revolutionizing it in any way. As such, only those who have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the base game will truly appreciate the additions included in this expansion, as the new content, while well-crafted, doesn't really change how Back 4 Blood is played.

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It’s great to see new content in Back 4 Blood, it’s a shame the developers opted to make the new areas so difficult. Visually, these new areas are bland and dull. Clearly, the focus was to provide the most hardcore of Back 4 Blood players a new challenge. For the rest of us, these new hives aren’t even worth trying. On a positive note, the two new characters are a welcome addition to the cast of heroes. Beyond that, it’s really hard to recommend the Tunnels of Terror unless you and your squad are Back 4 Blood professionals. Casual fans need not apply. What a damn shame.

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The base title is available still on Game Pass for PC and Console, and if either you or a friend purchased this DLC or already have access from a more expensive edition then checking this one out is a no-brainer. Solo it’s pretty damned fun, but with a group, this is still one of the more enjoyable co-op shooters out there. Tunnels of Terror is a great first expansion with a lot of high-quality content and it’s well worth your time and money if the base game ever held your interest.

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Back 4 Blood's first expansion gives players a good reason to reinstall the shooter, but with it intending to expand campaign replays rather than offering a wholly new experience, it won't keep the attention of those that already bounced off before.

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Despite adding new locations, new cleaners, and new warped ridden to the fray, Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror doesn't feel substantial enough to warrant a comeback. But if you never left, then Tunnels of Terror might be exactly what you were waiting for to spice things up.

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