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Tuxedo Labs
Apr 21, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Teardown

An endlessly delightful destruction sandbox.

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Teardown's incredibly destructible environments and meticulously detailed physics make it a satisfying destruction game despite a disappointing campaign.

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Teardown is everything that drew me to video games in the first place. It gives me something I’ve never seen before with its voxel sandbox and marries it with cutting-edge graphics technology. If I was still a kid and you asked me if I wanted to play Monopoly or with the fully-fueled excavator that someone just left in the yard, you can be sure I’m gonna be outside digging up holes and breaking things. Teardown satiates my urge to be destructive while offering nearly endless opportunities through mod support. Calling it a game may be a bit of a stretch on account of its loose structure, but you can’t argue with the fun.

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Teardown is ridiculously fun, featuring a fully destructible voxel environment and the freedom to cause as much chaos as you wish.

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Teardown tears down the fabric of what a demolition physics game can be, yet replaces that with too many restrictions. All your fun will come from the creativity of your imagination, but that satisfaction falls apart when you're limited by the tools the game has to offer. It's such a shame when this game can offer so much more.

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Teardown is a wonderful game when it’s utilizing its strengths. Tuxedo Labs created a technical marvel of a game reminiscent of Red Faction: Guerrilla where destruction is its bread and butter and deserves endless praise on that front. Nothing’s quite as refreshing as throwing explosives at a building where it’s weakest and watching it tragically crash to the ground or explode into glorious pieces. All the surrounding elements, however, from the stunted variety and diminishing returns of the heists to the lackluster campaign, work against Teardown to create an uneven seesaw that soars during its highs but underwhelms as it slowly descends from its great heights.

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Teardown does a great job in delivering on its premise, offering players the ability to pull off professional heists any way they want by manipulating the environment to their advantage. You will always have something to do if you get bored of the campaign, such as the sandbox mode where you can experiment and play to your liking, or the challenge mode where you put your skills to the test. Unfortunately, the game’s freedom is tied to your progression in the campaign, forcing you to work within certain constraints. Unless you are a big fan of creating your own experiences, you can quickly become bored of the game if you don’t give yourself time to take a break. Despite this, Teardown is still a solid sandbox experience that can provide hours of entertainment and goals to work towards. For players looking for a good sandbox experience that makes you think and promotes your creativity, you can’t go wrong with Teardown.

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Teardown is an impressive game that surprised me with what it was offering.

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