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Citizen Sleeper

Jump Over The Age, Fellow Traveller
May 5, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
Mighty Man

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9 / 10
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Citizen Sleeper - Date Announce Trailer thumbnail

Citizen Sleeper - Date Announce Trailer

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Fellow Traveller Day One with Game Pass

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Citizen Sleeper - Reveal Trailer - PC Gaming Show 2021

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Critic Reviews for Citizen Sleeper

There is real anguish and intimacy here, real experience, real softness, pensiveness, complexity of thought, from the deeply clever, immaculately balanced systems to its extraordinarily well-realised art, static drawings of those characters that each feel like a glossy, coffee table magazine cover of their own, such is the incredible texture, colour, posture, pain behind the eyes. Citizen Sleeper is speaking to you, but in this case I really recommend you simply listen - not least because there's depth to be found in your own silence, and because the things it does have to say are absolutely worth hearing.

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An evocative life-sim RPG you won't want to wake up from.

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An absorbing mix of tabletop inspirations and sci-fi storytelling, that makes for one of the most unique and well-written games of the year.

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What Citizen Sleeper achieves in a fairly short hour count, though, is a sci-fi story that sticks.

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A decaying cyborg with a human mind struggles to survive aboard a space station in a superbly written, if not exactly original, slice of scuzzy sci-fi

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We’d give Citizen Sleeper a strong recommendation to anybody who liked Disco Elysium or any general role playing games with a heavy emphasis on the role. A synthwave soundtrack, strong writing, and high-pressure gameplay make this a game that’ll be tough to put down once you get into it.

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It's not often that a game grabs me in quite the way Citizen Sleeper has. By stripping a video game adventure to its barest components and then manipulating those components to create just the right balance of hope and despair it successfully conveys the drama and danger of its small slice of sci-fi storytelling. Top-notch writing, impeccable narrative design and inviting tabletop mechanics accompanied by gorgeous art and music serve only to elevate it even more. Play this bloody game.

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Citizen Sleeper crafts a gorgeously written and thoughtfully conceptualized Cyberpunk world using RPG mechanics inspired by the best in tabletop gaming.

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