The Tale of Onogoro

Mar 17, 2022 - Meta Quest
7.5 / 10
8 / 10
Twisted Voxel
6 / 10
Duuro Magazine
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The Tale of Onogoro Media

The Tale of Onogoro - Launch Trailer | Meta Quest thumbnail

The Tale of Onogoro - Launch Trailer | Meta Quest

The Tale of Onogoro Trailer thumbnail

The Tale of Onogoro Trailer

Critic Reviews for The Tale of Onogoro

There is a lot in The Tale of Onogoro that deserves praise, from its impressive presentation to its overall ambitious format, trying to be a more cinematic and story-focused action-adventure game in a brand new gaming medium. For as much as I think this is a gorgeous game with occasionally good controls and interesting puzzles, the sheer amount of dialogue cutscenes bothered the hell out of me really quickly.

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The Tale of Onogoro is a great puzzle-action adventure that takes advantage of the manganime aesthetics to squeeze the most out of it at an aesthetic and narrative level.

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The Tale of Onogoro offers an engaging VR experience with vibrant visuals and inventive puzzles, setting it apart from its predecessor, Last Labyrinth. While the game excels in delivering an immersive world and clever mechanics, it stumbles with repetitive combat and excessive cutscenes that interrupt the gameplay. Despite not fully realizing its anime-driven action-adventure ambitions, The Tale of Onogoro provides a more replayable and enjoyable experience overall.

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While its sublime visuals, engrossing puzzles and memorable boss encounters show glimpses of greatness, but inconsistent gameplay and an over reliance on excessive dialogue kinda undermine this ambitious game.

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