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Farm Manager 2022

Cleversan Software, Ultimate Games
Mar 3, 2022 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Farm Manager 2022 - Official Trailer (Xbox)

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Critic Reviews for Farm Manager 2022

Farm Manager 2022 is a realistic simulation game without real-life stress. Once you get past the learning curve of the controls and check out all the features the game has to offer, this is a fun game that you'll sink hours into.

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Unknown Author
4 / 10

Take away the frustrating tutorial and newcomers stand a chance of liking Farm Manager 2022, that is if they can get to grips with the, at times, illogical menu system whose navigation is critical to gameplay and can put up with the occasional ridiculously long loads. It is a real shame that it took such little time to turn a beloved simulation into a highly unenjoyable experience, not letting the game's positive aspects of running a farm and managing all aspects shine as bright as they should have.

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But at the end of the day, Farm Manager is, as I said, not only a major upgrade over its predecessor but also a great way to see what the life of a farmer is all about. And since you end up learning a lot by simply playing it, no matter if we're talking about crops, animals, logistics, or machinery, Farm Manager 22 is definitely worth trying out.

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Farm Manager 2022 is so concerned with bringing a realistic farm management experience that it ends up delivering something confusing and problematic, even empty. If you can ignore the terrible menus, get ready to experience some of the longest hours of your life.

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It has really been a bit of a surprise to me how many farm management sims there have been on the Switch...

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In short, if you're looking to take the complex farming simulator, Farm Manager 22, everywhere on the Nintendo Switch: don't buy it. Of all the versions available, significantly you will be most satisfied with the Xbox and PlayStation version, although the all menu-driven controls are not the best experience for the player. The definitive version of this game seems to me to be an inevitable PC port with many improvements, where it will finally be a pleasure to play!

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Farm Manager 2022 is the best that Farming Management Sims have to offer, or so I think. It has a lot of improvements over Farm Tycoon and has much more elements to manage. It is less hands-on though, but it does give the opportunity to delve deeper into statistics such as Market prices. Not surprising when you realize Farm Tycoon is Farm Manager 2018 under a different name. The current game I am reviewing now is much more evolved, though the fans might miss the more hands-on element. It’s a pity not all button choices work well nor intuitively. And that it can crash when the farm gets bigger. But with a good tutorial, campaign, scenario mode and several difficulties setting in free mode there are many, many hours worth of farming fun to be had!

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Farm Manager 2022 offers us a realistic court simulator that is more focused on business management than on player relaxation. Its gameplay depth is enough to attract players of this type of title, but its number and variety of game modes offer one more incentive to give it a try.

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