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Seven Pirates H

Compile Heart, EastAsiaSoft
May 12, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Life
6 / 10
Niche Gamer
7 / 10
7.5 / 10
5 / 10
Hey Poor Player
3 / 5
Capsule Computers
7 / 10
4 / 5
Chalgyr's Game Room
7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Seven Pirates H

Seven Pirates H is not a title that wishes to be taken seriously. While there is a decent story and fun characters behind the fan service, the shallow combat can become tiresome after a few hours. It is fun and a lot of the humour lands, but the actual gameplay can be a bit threadbare. While the headline Booby Training mechanic is an interesting way to customise your party, it doesn't break up the monotony of the gameplay. This is a title that won't keep to occupied too long and is best enjoyed in in fits and starts, and very much within the privacy and comfort of one's own home.

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At the risk of projecting my own prejudices about this sort of game, it seems apparent to me that gameplay and strategy came second to fanservice, and that’s perfectly fine. You just have to embrace it like they did in this game.

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While not exactly breaking new ground in the genre, Seven Pirates H knows all of the notes well enough to do a decent job of it. And with all of the immature humour you'll be laughing your tits off.

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5 / 10

The joy here is not exploring, fighting, or experiencing a carefully written plot. Seven Pirates H is pretty honest with what it is, so you'll get some tiny amount of fun, but it will be in the form of extremely-casual-friendly gameplay, sexual innuendo-fuelled imagery and dialogue, and anime funbags that grow and change with a little caressing. Does this make the game any less repetitive? Unfortunately not.

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Seven Pirates H is a flawed but enjoyable game. An extremely unique system of leveling up, light-hearted plot, and cast of adorable characters somehow manages to mix charming and lewd in a surprisingly effective way. Unfortunately, the game is hampered by uninspired dungeons, combat that eventually grows repetitive (especially considering enemies tend to be far, far weaker than boss fights, which can be a slog), and an over-reliance on the booby training gimmick. Perhaps the game’s most damning flaw is my least favorite design choice ever: forcing players to revisit every single dungeon to fight a new boss as part of the story. Still, even with the obvious flaws, if you’re looking for a silly RPG with over-the-top fanservice, Seven Pirates H is very, very likely to scratch that itch.

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Seven Pirates H may not be a deep or challenging RPG but its unabashed approach to fanservice and great sense of humor make it a fun time best enjoyed in smaller bursts.

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Overall, Seven Pirates H is a solid release for EastAsiaSoft. There is a great story here with some fun characters, a unique and spicy minigame for fans to enjoy, and the combat is solid as well. The only thing I feel holds this back is its length. I would’ve liked a few more hours with the girls just to flesh out their personalities a bit more. If you liked the previous releases in this series, this is well worth your coin at the $39.99 price tag. Players wanting to jump into these fan service filled beauties are in luck as well, since you need no prior knowledge of the previous releases to have a great time here. Hopefully, if this games does well for EastAsiaSoft, they will consider bringing over the last game in this series, Castles Panzers, at some point down the line.

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Overall, I have to say that Seven Pirates H has a lot of promise. There’s a solid basis for sea based exploration, the battle system is pretty fun, and the music is pretty catchy. Unfortunately, this effort seems undermined by how short the game is and how small the explorable areas are. If Seven Pirates H was more like the Moero titles in terms of dungeon length and bonus zones, I feel like Seven Pirates H would have fared much better. Even the upgrade system, where it allowed you to adjust your stat distribution, was an interesting idea, just falling flat against the backdrop of small areas with not much to them.

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