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Apr 11, 2022 - PC

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Ib Media

Critic Reviews for Ib

Ib is a truly unsettling horror game, with charming characters and sound design that will send shivers down your spine.

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Ib is an indie horror adventure darling that still holds up over a decade later thanks to its beautiful and unsettling aesthetic, unique world design, and breezy yet engaging puzzles.

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Ib is a surprising experience people should check out if they want a pixel-art title with an extremely creepy atmosphere. Ib makes you feel uncomfortable around every corner and builds tension whenever you go near any painting. The puzzles, the main "meat and potatoes" of Ib are also quite clever, even if a few of them lose the cleverness for a trial-and-error approach. That said, Ib is an extremely short game that feels like it was made for a specific audience. If you hear pixel-art, horror-like titles and are excited by the sound of Ib, you may enjoy Ib. If those words don't immediately get you intrigued, then you might be best to look somewhere else for your next game.

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It may still have the issue many of this type of game have, being that anything and everything can hurt or kill you even if it's not entirely obvious that it will do that, but this is not only not as prevalent as other games I have experienced and is also made less impactful by the fact that you are constantly finding save points as you go. Between the atmosphere, soundtrack, artwork, and characters, if you enjoy creepy experiences Ib is definitely something you should check out. This adventure through art that may or may not have it out for you managed to still find a way to scare and stress me out over ten years after its original release, and honestly I just find that impressive.

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Having not known anything about Ib going into it for this review, I finished and came away from it very impressed. If you’re a fan of horror and pixel art experiences then Ib will be right up your alley. The atmosphere is unnerving throughout and the puzzles never left me stumped for too long. Ib is a spooky delight and one I fully recommend if you enjoy such things.

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One of the greatest horror themed games based on other worldly liminal environments, Ib is certainly a masterpiece fueled by the classic RPG maker tool. With spotless storyline, puzzles and characters, the gameplay is as immersive as the surprisingly natural and well fitted horror elements throughout the entire gameplay. The difficulty is not much of a hurdle at all and as you can play it as laid back as you want without any guides or instructions, which is partially the best thing about it. Once your first playthrough is complete, it will definitely get withdrawals to come back for more.

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Nintendo Blast

Lucas Oliveira
9 / 10.0
Nintendo Blast

More than a decade after its initial release, Ib continues to provide an amazing and much-needed experience for indie gamers, especially horror fans. The improvements presented by the new edition make the title have an even higher replay factor, in addition to making it more beautiful and accessible for today.

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Ib is a slow burn of disquiet and high strangeness that gets you with a scare and keeps you with the story. It’s a fantastic marriage of art and gameplay, and it’s worth a trip to see the crafting of something truly unique. Beware; the art may not show what you want to see.

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