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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

Night Dive Studios, Alcon Media Group, Westwood Studios
Jun 23, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

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Critic Reviews for Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

‎Blade Runner EE is a remaster in the strictest sense of the word: if you don't expect an abysmal jump in the graphics (softened backgrounds, the same models...) you won't be disappointed. It is still a great adventure, and although not all the novelties are equally successful and has failures, for 9.29 euros do not even think about it if you like the genre.‎

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Between the poor, blocky visuals, the array of glitches and bugs, the sub-standard UI and lack of any attention given to making the game more accessible to a contemporary audience, it saddens me to admit that Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition should be avoided at all costs. Tragically, this is because under all of this scarred and badly implemented design, there's a roundly excellent and atmospheric detective yarn just bursting to come out, but is now seemingly condemned to be lost to time, like tears in the rain.

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Honestly, I feel like I can't do anything but completely pan Nightdive's efforts on Blade Runner Enhanced Edition: from a technical standpoint, the game is indefensible, with plenty of bugs, and certainly doesn't feel "Enhanced" compared to the original (luckily still available on GOG). Undoubtedly the lack of chunks of the source code and the format of the original assets did Nightdive no favors, but this is still a poor tribute to Westwood's legacy.

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It’s great to see this game getting a second life. Who would have believed it possible for this game to be playable on consoles? The mood is still great, and the game is very replayable because of the randomization of who is human or replicant. I very much enjoyed this retro-future trip back to 2019.

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Judging Blade Runner Enhanced Edition is a difficult job. If it is true that the comparison trailers with the graphics of the original version had shown a very faithful approach, more of reconstruction and exaltation of the Los Angeles atmospheres than of real revision, one cannot fail to notice several defects that affect the final result.

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Many will see the score at the bottom of this review and immediately write off Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. However, there is something genuinely brilliant buried deep inside this Switch release, beneath the lingering issues with pacing and narrative design as well as the myriad painful "enhancements" Nightdive Studios has dumped on top. To cut through all that, you will need a great love for Blade Runner and cyberpunk, saintly patience, a walkthrough on hand, a strict requirement to play on console rather than PC, and a pair of rose-tinted glasses. If you have all those things then you may still see life in this game's eyes, but we don't need a Voigt-Kampff machine to tell this version from the real thing.

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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is a misnomer since it downgrades a classic.

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If you are really into the Blade Runner franchise and can put up with the shortcomings, I suppose you can get some enjoyment from Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. Everyone else should take a pass on this remastered adventure game. Maybe if the studio comes out with a "More Enhanced" edition, with plenty more fixes in place, it may be worth another look.

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