Mega Man Battle & Fighters

Capcom, SNK Corporation
Aug 3, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Mega Man Battle & Fighters

Mega Man Battle & Fighters is an excellent Neo Geo Pocket Color package that is fairer and more playable in some ways than the arcade originals on which it's based. For fans of the Mega Man formula, there's lots here to learn and plenty of rewards to be gained from defeating each story's boss lineup. Getting to grips with each character's strengths and weaknesses mixes things up, and it's great fun to study and overcome the attack patterns of your adversaries. Sadly, it's hamstrung by a prominent and invasive continue option that many will struggle to ignore, and the localisation is non-existent, making it both cumbersome to get into and limited in terms of how much one can be absorbed by the experience.

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Mega Man Battle & Fighters feels right at home besides its console, mainline counterparts. The controls are super tight, the visuals are extremely pretty, and the boss battles are equally challenging but rewarding. Mega Man fans will feel right at home with this set of fighting games. That said, the localization is completely non-existent, making it pretty much impossible to understand anything in the game (including menu navigation). Deal breaking? No, but keep Google Translate open at all times. For people who aren't fans of the Mega Man formula, Mega Man Battle & Fighters doesn't do anything different that might pull you in. It's a Mega Man-style game through and through, so if that isn't your thing, you might want to look elsewhere.

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Mega Man Battle & Fighters is a highly entertaining portable interpretation of 2 arcade treasures that are themselves nifty compilations of classic Mega Man boss fights. So, if you're a fan of the Blue Bomber then definitely play this.

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Mega Man Battle & Fighters is a fun port for Mega Man fanatics to play since most have never had the chance to try The Power Battle and The Power Fighters. Unfortunately, the game's single-player-only mode and lack of additional content prevent it from being greater. It’s more Decent Man than Mega Man.

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Mega Man Battle & Fighters is a simple but fun fighter/boss rush that I had a great time playing. It’s not especially complicated or anything, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a small and refreshing port of the Power Battle/Fighter games, with handy features that make this the most accessible version yet.

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Megaman Battle & Fighters is a recommendation to Megafans who are curious how SNK handled the Megaman license, but I’d recommend waiting for a sale due to the lack of in-game English text.

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Mega Man Battle & Fighters on Switch is a great way to enjoy a retro classic without paying a horrific amount of money to obtain an original copy. The emulation is solid but don’t expect any modern improvements to the actual game. This is unapologetically retro in design just the way it used to be. With that in mind, this will not suit everyone. Retro gamers and Mega Man fans though it’s probably your sworn duty to go on the eShop and purchase this so we can get more Neo Geo Color games to the system in future.

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It’s neat to see it here with a translated manual and all, but an as-is release makes this a curious part of a set at best for most players, and loses value as a standalone offering.

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