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Pixel Heart Studio, SOEDESCO
Sep 30, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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65 / 100
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7.3 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Airoheart

We like the proposal of Airoheart, an heir of Zelda A Link To The Past made in pixel art and with a good puzzle design. But execution fails in basic elements, such as control, that affect all development.

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Airoheart's, er, heart is in the right place — and it is an okay Zelda clone overall — but the game's got noticeable flaws. A potential recommendation if you're desperate to play something resembling retro Zelda on PlayStation, but that's about it.

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Airoheart is a passable game, but hardly one we would recommend you rush out to buy unless you simply cannot get enough of the 2D Zelda formula. It follows A Link to the Past's template so closely that it could never be classed as 'bad', but in a crowded market of homages, tributes, and variations on the theme, it does very little to stand out. We would suggest you pick this up only after you've played through A Link to the Past, the Link's Awakening remake, and both the Blossom Tales games, and you still don't feel you've gotten enough of that specific brand of top-down gameplay. Airoheart provides an adequate adventure, and for $40 at the time of writing, we simply expect more.

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Airoheart doesn’t catch big air nor does it have enough heart.

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Airoheart attempts to recreate the magic of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in its own image, only to see itself let down by its painfully average storytelling and lack of direction in its dungeons.

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Airoheart is a love letter to the classic action-adventures of SNES era, from A Link to the Past to the old stories of the first Final Fantasy games.

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Airoheart shows clearly its inspiration, but fails to reach the same level. Despite some good efforts and an interesting narrative, technical limitations and issues in its mechanics prevent it from achieving greater success.

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And so, while Airoheart takes some small steps to be its own thing, there’s nothing here that truly separates it from its inspirations. Is that such a bad thing? After all, A Link to the Past is over 30 years old now, but it’s still a beloved classic. Playing something so similar that it invokes that warm feeling of nostalgia is rather nice, in all honesty. Airoheart might not reinvent the wheel, but it doesn’t have to.

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