Son of Nor

stillalive studios
Apr 27, 2015 - PC

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Son of Nor Media

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Son of Nor - Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Son of Nor

I can sense the heart in the project, but heart alone doesn't make a great game unfortunately.

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Son of Nor has it's moments of brilliance where its strengths are realized, but ultimately none of its best elements are developed enough to make them feel meaningful for more than a few hours. Nor isn't bad, but it's so uninteresting it can hardly claim to be good.

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With a reasonable $19.99 price on Steam, stillalive clearly knows its place in the market, but without sacrificing on the effort that clearly went into creating the game.

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The game shows off some truly cool concepts, and offers Oculus Rift support for those that want to see how the minimal UI and experience change, but at it's core is a good game hamstrung by a few lacking areas.

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A game with lots of great ideas that just aren't implemented as well as you'd hope. Son of Nor is lacking in some areas, but still manages to invoke a few hours of fun nonetheless – if you can look past its rough edges.

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Son of Nor has some promise, delivers a passable game… but can be so much better. If you come into this knowing you're playing what can be considered an Indy title you won't be let down as much. There are some good things going on, and it may hold your interest a bit… if nothing else than for the interesting abilities that are bestowed on the playable character.

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Somewhere in Son of Nor, there's a great game desperately trying to get out, but ultimately the game suffers from poor execution and a lack of polish.

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